ARRSE loading on half of screen.

I use an IPad and have not had any previous problems loading and viewing ARRSE.

However, when I tried this morning ARRSE only loads on half the screen, it's the full site of ARRSE, nothing is missing or clipped, except it is half the size asking it tiny. The remainder of the screen is just grey.

I've looked at other sites in an effort to fault find and they appear to be working fine so I suspect it is ARRSE itself or some setting that needs adjusting.
I am getting a stretched page on my lap top. Bloody annoying.
Just tried my iPad Dinger. Same result. Half a page and it's never done it before. Using the normal Safari browser.

I have the app, but don't like it. (I realise it's still being tweaked and modded)
Same here, then I went away for a few hours and when I came back I was as described.


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On my laptop it all loads, but positions the view halfway across the populated screen and halfway across the white space. Only have to use the scroll bar to put things right, but it's a mildly irritating new addition.
For some reason, the advanced search button is now a screen away to the right.

But notifications are back in purple!
Thanks GCO, appears fixed now.


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Fixed here too thank you.

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