Right - I will do kareoke, obviously Elvis,

Any more takers for the precious little ones?

I am sick and tired of them lot gobbing off and giving it the big one,

As I said.

Yours, sluggy.
turn up the gain please
'Puts cheese in his ears and turns off his hearing aid!!'
dale the snail you are a fcuking dullard who makes my ears bleed
your ears are bleeding! good i hope it really fcuking hurts if that is the worst insult you can come up with then who is the dullard? you small pr*cked, piss stai ned matress licking arrsehole! get a fcuking grip
harsh words you moron! is that all youve got? i was looking foward to some proper abuse being passed back and forth. i completely understand that your inadaquate IQ doesnt allow for much, however i am willing to come down to your level for a short time only!

come on chargetemp wound me with your words
dizzy tramp,i can not be arrsed with your sort,you and dale the snail trail,like a big bunch of lezzers,i bet you resembl vinegar t*ts off of that well loved aussie soap prisoner cell block h,and dale looks like lizzie the withered old prune
Couldn't performance art be a part of the extravagancy .ie to solve the riddle whats the fastest thing on 2 legs A chicken through a refugee camp . Have a bunch of starving kids one from each african country thats
messed up (oh thats all of them ) chase achicken around winner gets to stay in this country :twisted: .
Followed by celebrity mine clearance 12 celebs have 48 hours to clear a village and farm land of mines and uxos think with a little help from my friends witha body count hopefully :twisted: .
yes chargetemp im afraid you are right! i am a big fat lezza and i am better known as louise from that amazing series cell block h! unlike you, you spineless cnut, i am comfortable with my sexuality and have enough confidence not to go around having to slag people down to make up for my severe lack of personality!
Back to thread: Slug and Dizzy can play my flute to feed the starving children.

haleyluya. :D
Hey chargetemp are you camp as well? We could get together and have a wee chat about your comming out, bless. :roll:
StabTiffy2B said:
Back to thread: Slug and Dizzy can play my flute to feed the starving children.

haleyluya. :D
Now that's a scary thought.

Report to me immediately for bad spelling and corrective methods.
Have I fcuking missed something??

Elephant Diaries followed by Geldof in Africa is now being shown on the BBC and simultaneously across Africa.


Are the chavafricans?? 8O
Slug & Dizzy are luverly so knob off chargetemp.
And the finale - Dale playing "let it be" on her flaps :twisted:
stoatman said:
And the finale - Dale playing "let it be" on her flaps :twisted:
When I find myself in times of trouble, Stoaty always calls to me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be.

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