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Hello all,

I'm having a bit of a problem, sometimes (more often than not) when I try to read PMs or move within the site, it returns me to the front page, it happens in Firefox and IE7 any ideas
I'm having the same issue, if i log out i can view all the pages but when i'm logged in it keeps going back to the front page.

Seems ok now though hence my reply. :D
Can you give me a concrete example? ie. an exact from-page, to-page, link, and screenshot ideally. Thanks!
Happens to me all the time, I just smash the monitor to pieces and cry, not allowed in that internet cafe any more
Good CO said:
Can you give me a concrete example? ie. an exact from-page, to-page, link, and screenshot ideally. Thanks!
There is nothing to screen shot, when your logged in you can click on any link then it looks like it's loading then bang your back to the home page.

sorry. :(

When I try to log out my browser wants to go to which doesn't seem to be online. I can't log off.

Also - when I try to go to the last post in a thread by clicking the "go to last post" button, I'm send to the one-but-last page.

Edit: I also get the one-but-last page when clicking on the last page number displayed in a forum. That is: I click on page "4" and get send to page 3.

P.S. I'm not drunk at the moment btw.

P.P.S. I'm using IE 7
Was happening to me in both Chrome & FireFox.

My usual entry is just via "50 last posts". Every time I clicked on it, it just stayed (returned?) to the main page. Tried a few other links from the home page with the same result.
Sometimes clicking on any forum/link on the home page sends me immediately back to the home page. I haven't found any solution other than closing down the IE and waiting half an hour or so. It seems to happen to me at least once a day
Strange I have never had this happen. Can you all try clearing your browser cache with ctrl and f5 pressed together and tell me if it still happens? I'll look for other possibles in the mean time.
It looks like I've found the source of my link problems. When I place my mouse on a link it highlights the link on the left next to it. Ctrl - f5 doesn't fix this.

As if the front layer (the images, icons, etc) and the layer beneath (with the links) aren't exactly on top of eachother. The first seems to be too much to the left in my browser.

May be my computer is messed up.

Edited to add: After flushing all my cookies, browser history, temp files, etc and restart the brower I get to the right pages. No probs. Sorry.
Hairy_Fairy said:
It's not happening now (without cache being cleared) - hence my ability to post!

Was happening from about 14:00 - 15:50 today that I noticed.
Yep same here it started working again hence I could post and i was using both IE 7 & Firefox both were the same.
I'm glad it's working as it's one less job for a Sunday morning, but I have not the first idea why. Maybe BCO has been doing some covert fixing.

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