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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by DRIVER_B_III_RASC, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Thought it might be nice to recognise a fellow ARSSER when you trip over one outside a pub so have come up with the idea of a lapel pin, forgive if this is not a new idea. Anyway, how about this, something we would all recognise but a civvy wouldn't.
  2. In fairness, Driver B, you need to be 'of a certain age' to recognise that .............
  3. Or maybe a secret handshake ............?
  4. We could all just walk round with arseless chaps on!
  5. Bloody 'ell. First Ken Livingstone takes the mick by sending me a free bus pass, now you!
  6. I think that one was 'covered' yesterday in the 'Sexual Fantasy' posting. I voted for it anyway.
  7. Lord, even I recognise that...granted, those I have belong to my father.

    Wouldn't one look somewhat big worn on the lapel? :wink:
  8. I'll get me greatcoat!
  9. No WAH, what is it?
  10. I think a lapel pin like that might disclude all the scruffy bastwards and officers and make ARRSE a safe haven for woodentops. So I would go for the secret handshake... if I didn't know what ARRSErs spent half their time doing with their right hand. So now I'm going to have to go for the upside down victory sign crossed by a forefinger to make an 'A' followed by a quick attempt to nick your fellow arrsers wallet.
  11. Seriously? Blimey, its a brass and button plate, when you had to polish things you slid the said item behind the button or whatever and brassoed it and the plate made sure that no crap got on your jacket or whatever.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm with devilish - what the hell is it.
  13. Thanks for that, I'm young enough to be part of the 'stay-bright' capbadge and buttons generation, so it most definately missed me. :D
  14. This some sort of gay thing? What is it?