ARRSE Lapel pin 2008

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by E29NP, May 7, 2008.

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  1. E29NP

    E29NP Clanker

    Back by popular demand!!!!

    Many of the longer serving Arrse members will remember the Arrse Mr P lapel pin that was produced about two years ago. This design was so popular with members and non members alike, we have decided to commission a re-run.

    After brief discussions and the final nod from Bad CO, it has been decided that 75p from each sale of the pins will be donated to Combat Stress. The pins will be selling at £2.00 each excluding P&P.

    Due to ever rising production costs, the more pins we order, the cheaper the costs will be which means more proceeds to Combat Stress.

    If you would be interested in purchasing one or more pins, please register your interest and specify the amount you would like. This gives us a much better idea of how many pins we can go ahead with.

    If our target amount is reached, we will go ahead with production and announce in this thread when they are available to purchase.

    Also you can register for a shop account now by clicking the link below. An email will be sent to all customers once the pin is in stock.

    Create Account

    Below is an example of the quality item as previously produced.

  2. Gren

    Gren LE

    I wasnt around for the first one, but i will gladly have a couple if you go with it this time.

    ZXR-BIRD Old-Salt

    Defo have a couple of these - glad to hear they may be making a return. :thumleft:

    Edited to say: make it 5 in total.

  4. I did have one from the first run, but he went AWOL....

    I'll have a couple!
  5. i'm game for a couple
  6. ticklishrodent

    ticklishrodent RIP RIP

    Yep two for me please!
  7. 4 for me please.
  8. Ali_Gee

    Ali_Gee War Hero

    I'll go for 2 as well
  9. Go on then, 2 for me please.

    What's your target number before you make the order?
  10. E29NP

    E29NP Clanker

    500 mate, but if we can get more than that, even better!.
  11. 2 for me please!
  12. You'll clear that without too much trouble I should think.
  13. Mine went awol in would you believe Arras during a battlefield tour, so put me down for 2, one replacement and a spare!
  14. Detmold_Drunk

    Detmold_Drunk War Hero

    4 for me,im very old an lose things
  15. Put me down for two. My ex-blue colleague will be very impressed.