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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by the_matelot, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. BCO/GCO,

    Do you have any intentions of selling lanyards (for ID cards/security passes) in the Arrse colours?
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sorry, no. I like what we sell at the moment, but I think that you can go too far with this sort of thing and risk filling the shop with 'tat'. I am open to persuasion as ever of course, but that's how it stands at the moment.
  3. It's no more 'tattish' than watch straps are though!
  4. Arrse Benny Hats?

    Well it is getting cold :D
  5. With matching gloves & 'Dr. Who' scarf, of course! :D
  6. …and UNDERPANTS :D
  7. The more tat the better, bring on the tat
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Exactly my point - Where do you draw the line? I personally like the watch straps but think lanyards are a step too far.
  9. I'm only agreeing because the ones we have at work are bone. An ARRSE one would be cryptic enough to baffle, and leery enough to stand out from all the company ones.
  10. I think if it was an item that serving people wore in abundance, this would be a flyer. As it is, we don't.

    Still a tiptop idea though, and I'd get one simply because I could. :D
  11. Trouble is, we (RN) are pretty much forced to wear these things with naff slogans (ie the team works, fit for eff all, team portsmouth (ahem)). I have been told to remove an RAF one because it doesn't fit with the "company ethos" FFS - why do they think I was wearing it! We try and wear anything but the RN supplied ones - Mickey Mouse, Disney, Guiness ones, etc.

    Anyway, we couldn't really wear ARRSE one - we would need ones that said NRRSE - but then again the thought of having a NRRSE around my neck is actually more appealing than having my head in an ARRSE!
  12. Well, I'm sure that if enough people wanted one, and the CO's didn't have a problem with it, I could try and get some knocked up myself but it would be subject to a minimum order. What do people think?

    So far, over 300 people have looked at this thread and only 13 could be bothered to answer it. It's not particularly difficult to click yes or no is it people?
  13. My current one from Rolls-Royce is looking a bit shabby. As I for one won't be bothering with a "the team works" or other such nonsense, I suppose my answer would be a yes. Perhaps we could do one in Arrse colours, but hold a competition for the most sarcastic slogan to put on it.
    Heres mine

    British Taxpayer-Cheers easy!
  14. You meant of course! PartTimePongo 'Arrse "STILL" Hats'
  15. Agreed - better than the one I wear at the moment that just says Smiths.

    How exciting is that!!??