arrse kissing promotion chasers!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by syndrome, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. gentlemen........its time to name those individuals :twisted: who you think has, or is still puckerin up to the "promotional star fish" which is the chain of command. who in your eyes is up to no good, trying their best career laughs in the rite places to get a lift up .........dont be shy gents??????? :threaten:
  2. nearly every senior N.C.O,its a subject that really pisses me off,as they get promoted by how much dick sucking they do rather than how good they are at a job,i have more battlefield awareness in my big toe that some corporals taking out patrols,
  3. Goty turned down for promotion did we? In whose opinion , other than your own, do you know more than "some corporals". What amuses me is the complete ignoring of the fact that SNCOs (and Cpls) have worked their way to where they are. There probably are a few tosspots but in the main men are promoted on how good they are....................not on how good they say they are,
  4. This is an unfortunate hang up from the Tory parties royal shafting of the army back in '91 they called "options for change"

    The change they opted for was to cull all the experience full screws, lance jacks and sergeants from the mob, leaving a power vacumn to be filled by an inrushing tide of inexperienced "thrusters" who's idea of a good career move was a posting to training regiments rather than serving some time in a knocker troop to get their skills up to speed.

    Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good lads get promoted, always was, always will be but with all the targets imposed for being somewhere by a certain stage in your career it just promotes the cult of the "yes man"...

    who are you going to promote to sergeant?

    The malleable but slightly wet bloke who will do whatever you say, no questions, and because of this the blokes call him "jellyfish" behind his back

    Or the 16 year full screw who knows combat engineering like its tattoed on his eylids, but isnt afraid to say "get f ucked staff thats a bone job" occasionally? and the lads love and would follow into a burning building
  5. The guy will be a 16 yr full scew for a reason - if he does make Sgt it will be on time served and nothing else.

    If someone tells me what to do - it is because they want me to achieve whatever it is that they have set out - they do not require me to givem them a moutfull of abuse or my opinions as to why it is a "bone job".

    I wouldn't want the "jellyfish" either - but there are ways and means of getting the point across, and saying "get f*cked" is not perhaps they best way.
  6. Good point well made Sammy, you'll excuse my using extremes to demonstrate a point I hope.

    It's a fact of life that in all walks of life a certain ammount of arse kissers will float to the top, but it is also a fact of life, that people lower down the chain will assume anyone who's good at his job and gets on, must have kissed someones arse to get there....

    I've always found that the former tend to get found out pretty quickly, and while it doesnt always put the brakes on their careers, lets say certain avenues are blocked to them.

    The only exception to this rule is women, who are all whores and fucked their bosses, their bosses bosses, and the bloke who fills the vendors to get promotion, because by nature they are devious cunts who need slaying. :)
  7. :lol:

    You should be the Unit's EOA.
  8. a certain wo2 that may have been in antrim at the same time as us by chance ????
  9. sammy i am afraid that is sh1te, in my opinion.

    i know of full screws that were not promoted & the majority of them were due to the fact that they were medically graded LE.

    these blokes were still deployable & still doing their job to the best of their abilities.

    BUT if you cannot do a sub 9 minute bft these days then you are fecked, regardless of whether their injuries may or may not be attributable to the MOD.
  10. Nope, he should be CinC.
  11. harsh but fair.
  12. So these people are not making the quality line unfortunate but its life surely, how many people would whinge if someone who isnt technically qualified gets promoted?
  13. why are they not making the quality line :? :? :? :?

    they are all qualified & ready for promotion, still deploy to telic/herrick & all the other sh1te tours we do BUT because of their medical category keep getting passed over on the promotion boards.

    is that not discrimination in this day & age :?: :?: :?: :?:

    this has nothing to do with myself by the way.
  14. Got a sapper in the troop that amitted to me he 'licks arrse, so when he gets in trouble, he gets let off'.

    And it works for him. He claims even though he hasn't passed a PFT in 4 years since training and never been downgraded, he doesn't get hassle. He turns up late for work once every month or so, and he just gets a telling off. He claims it's because it's the little things, like when we were waitering on SGTs mess summer fuction, he insisted to get the 'badges' table, to 'get noticed'.

    Needless to say, the next time we were all out in town, I smacked him one, 'because I was the sprog, and he was a senior sapper'. Maybe a sapper 3 years on me, but he's still the same rank as me, but mainly because he's such a c0ck.

    However, he can't get on a cardre, so it's likely I'll get on one before him within a year or two. 8)
  15. you sure :? :wink: :? :wink: