ARRSE Kennel Club - Advice please: Dog Pee & scorched lawn

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Scabbers, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Evening Arrsers, 2 weeks into training an 11 week old Black Lab Bitch and all is going remarkably well.

    It's not a massive problem but although she takes a dump at the required spot, her pee location is always at various points on the lawn. It was never an immaculate swathe of English turf but it was tidy and

    Now it looks like a persistent mustard strike has hit it due the the scorch marks of puppy pee, so, what to do ?

    a. Live with it ?
    b. Get a pack of "Dog Rocks" as advertised in Country Life ? Horse and Hound ? Country Living or other similar Mags found in the Mess (but definitely not in my house)
    c. Drench the area with water soon after peeing in order to dilute / neutralise the nitrogen in the pee ?
    d. Sell the dog to a Korean restaurant and risk divorce ?

    Thanks in advance for sensible replies. (I live in hope for 'sensible' but I've been a member of ARRSE for quite a while now......)
  2. Put a small amount of white wine vinegar in the water bowl, changes the pH of the urine so dammages your grass/lawn/moss collection less
  3. When I had my dog I used to dilute the dog pee with water from the watering can this seemed to work.

  4. So thats what last nights kebab was!

    OK try to have a fenced of area that you train it to go in.
    Or if this does not work then hose down pee area of lawn?
  5. wee (lol) tried the watering can routine, but she wouldnt use it, no thumbes you see, theen we were told to squirt Tommy K in her food, which seems to work as long as she has plenty dinks,
    Thats the wifey sorted, no to concentrate on thhe dog.
  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Don't ever say l*l again on this site.


    Try walking your dog if you don't want it to piss on the lawn.

  7. Tommy Ketchup in the dogs food again changes PH of the pee.
  8. The principle problem is caused by the nitrates contained within the dogs urine. While nitrates are needed by the grass to grow an excess can easily kill it, there are additives that can be placed in the dogs food to reduce the problem or you could train the dog to do its business in one part of the garden where the damage is unnoticeable.

    Bitches because of their tendency to squat and release their load in one place cause more damage than the males as they prefer to distribute their urine in small amounts around the garden to mark it as theirs.

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  9. My little bitch until recently wouldn't wee on anything but grass. I used to work overnight in Manchester from 1730 through to 0800, and she would bottle it up until we stopped at the first bit of grass in Salford on the way out! My only successful solution was to make sure it was someone else's grass.
  10. tomato ketchup in the dogs food supposidly neturalizes the effect on the grass, failing that watering can of water and soak the spot immediatly after the deed is done!
  11. Dog rocks work a treat. Just remember to change them monthly. I have two dogs and it keeps the burns at bay quite well.

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  12. Get artificial grass. They can piss all they like on it and it'll never stain. No need to mow the lawn ever again either.
  13. Eezy Peezy apparently
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The dog rocks work, but as my chickens killed the lawn its pointless anyway!
  15. option c