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The hound is 18 months old now and she’s turned out to be a cracker. Does as she’s told which helps....
Just pray that the kiddie never learns the word "MUSH" or it will be off down the street at 30mph.

Hell of a big dog those brutes, used to know a guy that had one, bit slobbery, but very friendly for such a brutish looking beast, his didn't make it past 8 years old though which upset his kids no end.
My Leonberger bitch weighs in at 60kg exactly. Her Sire weighed in at a whopping 85kg!
Bit of a good news story - A dog that transformed a 104 years old's life

We've loaned our Cav Pumpkin to SWMBO's dad, he's 93 and ex RASC WW2. lost both wife and dog last year and has been going downhill since, but loaning him one of our dogs has made a difference.
Pumpkin 4th Oct 2.jpg
Bit of a good news story - A dog that transformed a 104 years old's life

Yup, I saw that on the BBC, good story and very much a man's best friend tale. Was interested to see he was a psychologist who used to take his dogs in to work as it helped his patients stay calm.
There's a damn good reason that dogs and humans have lived together for so many thousands of years, I just wish some of the breeding lines had been better thought out as some of the poor mutts have a lot of dodgy genetics due to so much close breeding for certain traits.
As we don't have a "Monkey thread", I'll just leave this here (and, on the cat thread)!

After 11 days of domestic bliss young Mauser is fully housewise and is looking forward to venturing out into the big wide world. roll on Tuesday for his final inoculation.

He's wearing in his webbing ready for the off.

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