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I must declare I have "a thing" for elephants.

It may have something - a lot - to do with owning and reading when I was young (and many times since), the book called "Elephant Bill", by Lt Col J. H. Williams (published by Rupert Hart-Davis in 1953). With a Forward by Field Marshal Sir William Slim.

All too often my "News Feeds" confirm that today, mans' vile "inhumanity to animals", is all too frequently illustrated by the abhorrent treatment of elephants . . . those in captivity, and the (relatively) few remaining "in the wild" in Asia, and Africa.

All the more reason to share with you something that just appeared on Facebook . . .

Damn! Must have the sound on! I seem to have lost the volume control.

[Self-indulgent DRIFT]

Wonderful . . . :) !!

[ /Self-indulgent DRIFT]
@Boxer96 I took our first greyhound (my avatar) to a fundraising open day at a local rescue.
A leonberger gave her a sniff and took her hind legs off the ground.
She was not impressed, as everyone for about 100 yards knew!
Gorgeous dog, glad I don't have the food bills!
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Go on, you won't even notice it in the house!
Yep, all six that have we have lost sadly missed.
Would love one however SWMBO will only authorise two dogs (we have Lab/Newfie cross as well).
We bought our Leonberger a few months after my Maremma sheepdog died (only 10 yrs old) A wonderful breed but not for the faint-hearted!
She was a right bastard with strangers until formally introduced:p
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