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I must declare I have "a thing" for elephants.

It may have something - a lot - to do with owning and reading when I was young (and many times since), the book called "Elephant Bill", by Lt Col J. H. Williams (published by Rupert Hart-Davis in 1953). With a Forward by Field Marshal Sir William Slim.

All too often my "News Feeds" confirm that today, mans' vile "inhumanity to animals", is all too frequently illustrated by the abhorrent treatment of elephants . . . those in captivity, and the (relatively) few remaining "in the wild" in Asia, and Africa.

All the more reason to share with you something that just appeared on Facebook . . .

Damn! Must have the sound on! I seem to have lost the volume control.

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It's snowing... Let's chase squirrels
post: 8473173, member: 31209"]That is one seriously handsome dog.[/QUOTE]
Don't he know it,prior to January apart from me feeding him treats so did the Groomer,my son's. Even the bloody postman bought him a Jumbone for Christmas. But he is my lad so im responsible for him overtreating,leading onto his Hypomortality & compromised immune system. Now you can see how I found it difficult to say 'No'
Cheers for the comment tho
Big Girl loses her inhibitions after a few slurps and will hop up on the seat next to complete strangers, batting her eyelashes to distract them before shoving her nose in their pint.

She can be a real tart at times.
@RCT(V) - The hell wit the thread drift, I loved the video.

@Fireplace - Amazing, looks like a dangerous rescue but they did it.
Not a lot tbh. I had one of those little kegs of beer from a place in Raglan called The Untapped Brewery. I probably buggered up pouring a pint as it came out a bit "excitable " and erupted over the kitchen floor.

Dozy twat was on it like a tramp on chips.
Good drills 'Pooch' obviously Infantry with the 'Minesweeping'

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