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ARRSE Kennel Club - A Dog Owners Thread

For some reason Lily has started shaking and got nervous when the random fireworks go off.
Shes never bothered before, and bonfire night shes usually on her chair watching them out the window.
For some reason Lily has started shaking and got nervous when the random fireworks go off.
Shes never bothered before, and bonfire night shes usually on her chair watching them out the window.
Maybe her sense of time is better than the morons who do this. Your mistaking nerves for annoyance :)


Murphy with his poppy on;)

Published by: Compassion in World Farming, on 02 November 2020.

First successful ECI on farmed animal welfare.

Today marks one of the most significant days for farmed animals that the world has ever seen.

On World Day for Farmed Animals (2 October, 2020), the European Commission received the End The Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). This has been signed by 1.4 million people across Europe, and calls on the EU to put an end to the use of cages in animal farming.

The End the Cage Age ECI launched on 11 September, 2018 and closed exactly a year later, having gained over 1.6 million signatures. Following the required signature validation period, the ECI easily exceeded the required threshold of 1 million signatures, with a total of 1,397,113 validated signatures across Europe. It also outstripped the minimum number of signatures threshold in 18 EU member states, out of the seven required. This makes the End the Cage Age ECI the:

+ 6th ECI to succeed among 75 registered initiatives in the last eight years,
+ 3rd with the highest signature count,
+ 1st successful ECI on farmed animal welfare.

“Today’s hand-in of the End the Cage Age ECI is the culmination of a great effort by 1.4 million European citizens who came together to call on the EU to end the cruelty of confining farmed animals in cages” says Olga Kikou, our Head of EU.

“The massive public backing for the Initiative confirms the overwhelming level of interest EU citizens have in animal welfare. Now, the EU Commission must listen and come forward with substantive legislative proposals to phase out the use of cages in EU animal farming.”

Making history for farmed animals has been a collaborative effort, where Compassion joined forces with 170 environmental, consumer rights and animal protection NGOs from across Europe, and rallied from every corner of the European continent.

Today’s success could not have been achieved without the support of 1.4 million people across Europe who stood up for farmed animals and demanded change. We would like to thank you for your support, dedication and compassion.

Sean Gifford, our Global Director of Campaigns says: “Today, we have crossed a finish line in the biggest political push in farmed animal welfare history. We are phenomenally proud of this collaborative victory. We stand together with 1.4 million citizens and we will not stop until the EU Commission frees all farmed animals kept behind bars. A life in a cage is no life at all.”

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Published by: Compassion in World Farming, on 02 November 2020.


Q) Amid the turbulent trade talks on UK farming post-Brexit, who has no seat at the negotiating table?
A) The millions of farm animals whose welfare is at stake.

At every opportunity, compassionate people like you have spoken up for protecting animals in trade talks, putting animal welfare firmly on the Government’s radar. But, frustratingly, the threat of negotiators putting profits first is still very real – so we must ramp up the pressure.

Please, will you sign the open letter urging the UK Government to prevent food imports that fall below UK standards?

This is a pivotal year for UK farm animals, as decision makers set out the future of agricultural policy for decades to come.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has previously claimed that high standards of animal welfare, environmental protection, and food safety will be upheld post-Brexit. However, there are growing concerns that the UK Government will slash those standards to secure a “good deal” on trade with countries like the US, despite significant opposition from MPs.

Without clear rules in place, the UK risks importing food produced using methods that are illegal in British agriculture – like washing chicken with chlorine to compensate for dirty, intensive farming conditions. This, in turn, risks washing away the animal welfare standards that the country holds so dear. Can’t the Government see that animal suffering is too high a price to pay for a free trade deal?

Sacrificing UK farming standards could also threaten human health. For example, since antibiotic use in US farming is more than five times higher than in the UK, there is a greater risk of accelerating the spread of drug-resistant bacteria.

Plus, a bad deal would mean products like hormone-treated beef, from low welfare feedlots overseas, could be sold more cheaply than food from free range animals. So, the Government would be threatening the livelihoods of higher welfare farmers – and allowing even more cruelty to creep onto supermarket shelves.

Thanks to people like you, the world is finally waking up to the true cost of intensive farming for people, animals and planet. But there is still a danger that new UK trade deals could take a step backwards, for British animals and animals worldwide.

Please urge the UK Government to stand on the right side of history and keep animal welfare off the negotiating table.

We will also be inviting celebrities and companies to join you in signing the letter. Our aim: a society united, helping to put compassion into trade deals and protect farm animals for generations to come.
Please – sign now to urge the UK Government to ensure that all post-Brexit food imports meet the UK’s animal welfare, environmental and food safety standards.


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Have been dogless now for many many months but Dogs Trust is now back up and running, hence the latest foster job that arrived today.
Billy, 13 year old Lhasa Apso, almost deaf, almost blind, only two teeth, limps a bit on his back left quarter but seems happy enough. Enthusiastic about a walk which turns into a long one(time) as he's one of those "sniffs" every-goddam-thing. His former owner had him from a pup and she is now bedridden with no family to take him on.
View attachment 494820
Update on Billy.
To date he has been to 4 meet and greet sessions with potential adopters only to end up coming back home with us. Because of his ongoing health problems new owners have seen the monthly vet bills and have backed off, Dogs Trust no longer do the shared cost adoption scheme.
One stupid woman turned up with a dog she already owned , it was agressive towards Billy and she admitted it had a history of disliking other dogs :frustrated:.
I can see the old lad being with us for the rest of his days
Update on The Gremlin:

Note cane furniture before he started to eat it.


Innocent, I tell you! (Whole new suite of cane furniture had to be ordered).


The shreddie thief. Grabbing a sock and running like hell is his way of showing love for his master.


Implements of destruction.
His Lordship on the Malvern Hills a few days ago


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Must say I’m enjoying the coast down in Dorset.

met half a dozen pointers on the beach. Apparently about 60 of them were together in the summer in one of the regular pointer get together a down here.

Thats my two with an English Pointer.


Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship off the coat there. Merlins and a Wokka playing earlier and 4 rib boats bombed past earlier.

Lock down tomoz........

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