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ARRSE Kennel Club - A Dog Owners Thread

Picked up Dylan from the vet, first time he's been allowed on the front seat. :(
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Take him home, then when the time is right grab his collar, lead & biscuits and go scatter his ashes all over his favourite beach / field, park etc. He'll be there with you.

Then go & get leathered on very good quality whisky. It's what he'd have wanted, after all.


condolences Boss
He was very active right to the end.
Originally I posted it on the "All inter-web videos etc" thread, now copied here, and on the cat thread . . .

Morning All,
Sat on a balcony watching the Indian woman hanging her washing out on the roof of the building in front.
As soon as she finished and went down the steps, the 'sleeping' dog leapt up and pulled down this bit. Looked like he was having a whale of a time running around with it.


Naughty dog:).
Awww . . . the poor baby . . . :( .

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Friends of mine were using those white pads to housetrain their pups, two wire haired daschunds.

I was staying in there spare room for the night and as I was settling in my mate came in to see if I needed anything and on the floor were two small white rugs. The pups came belting in, saw the rugs and both curled out the biggest wettest turds they could conjour up.

I was convulsing with laughter until the smell hit me.
Many years ago our Fox Terrier consumed half of a massive toblerone, complete with silver paper, with apparently no ill effects, apart from the fact that we named him "Tinsel Turd".
You're lucky. Chocolate can make them deathly ill. One my old springer ate a plate of chocolate s my wife had left out and the dog was vomiting and shitting all day


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You're lucky. Chocolate can make them deathly ill. One my old springer ate a plate of chocolate s my wife had left out and the dog was vomiting and shitting all day
Brother in law's Patterdale are one of those giant Toblerones and ended up costing over £400 for the vet to pump his stomach and stop him sh1tting and puking.

And there was no Toblerone for Christmas Day.

Apparently there's a chocolate to dog weight ratio. He could have eaten half a triangle and got away with it, but he's as greedy as his master when chocolate is concerned.
We collected another Patterdale puppy today, we've gone for a different colour to avoid the " It was the black dog / big black dog /small black dog confusion. This is brother to the other Patterdale , so far they are all getting along fine, so far .
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Hello Kennel Club.

The Frau and I are in serious talks over getting a hound of some sorts. We've settled on either a Minature Schnauzer or Glen of Imaal Terrier. Does anyone have experience of either breed?
Not my dog, I no longer have one, but the neighbors across the street have a pair of Golden Retrievers. When I walk into my driveway they stand up and start wagging and when I cross the street they rummage under bushes and come up with hockey pucks for me to throw for them. Lovely dogs.
The family's oldest son left Harvard for a good job offer in Minneapolis but during the COVID shutdown was home for a while when the NHL shut down. While here he bought a Golden puppy, a beautiful ball of fluff that was here until the NHL restart. Now that Ryan's team got knocked out of playoffs he is in the area, working out and taking a class to finish his Harvard degree. Obvious his girlfriend loves the pup.

pixies of the Goldens below:
the family pic is at the stairway to the beach at the end of my street
Saw my mum's dog yeaterday, first time in a couple of months.


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Took our two out for a 'training run' today with their backpacks, to 'remind' them prior to taking them camping at the end of next month. They're carrying 1.5kg each initially, building up to 5kg over the next few weeks. They can handle the weight fine but they have never developed any spatial awareness, consequentially, the backpacks, backs of knees etc. take a beating...



As you can see, it doesn't slow them down at all....

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