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Good news.:-D

I'm glad she's feeling better and maybe the antibiotics are doing the trick. Hope you're fretting less too.
To be honest, I'm flippin' knackered. What with everything else going on and having to get up at all hours to let her out and then clean up and sit with her after 'cos I'm a soft sod.

Hoping to collapse into bed in a sec.
Meet Molly. We rescued her as a puppy from the bitter cold in February 2005. She has been a wonderful dog and companion. We think she has cancer and we are hoping for the best but if that is not to be, then our hope is that we have the courage to let her go when it is time.
Molly's a pretty girl. Deserves to be loved and spoiled rotten, as do they all.

Thing is, you miss everything about them when they're not around. My Princess could strip paint with her farts but I miss her like crazy and even miss the eye watering bottom burps.
That is very true. Back around 15 years ago (post-divorce) I would get a bit down and was comforted when Lizzie the Springer would come over and put her head on my knee.

Love the picture BTW, Creampuff, a tiny 5 pound cat, would spend much of her time lying on or snuggled next to Lizzie. Lizzie tolerated it when Creampuff would wash her ears.
Dogs v Cats :


Lunar the Chihuahua v Arwen the Siamese
JJH - They should have named him "Lucky"

Looks young to me.
Just heard of a sad case of a man with cancer who had to move out of state to be with family to help care for him. He had to leave his 5 dogs behind with his very elderly mother who cannot handle caring for them properly. I fear for what will happen.

I urge everyone with pets to have a plan to ensure they are properly taken care of in the event you are unable to care for them due to illness etc. Too many of these faithful companions end up being left as strays (some actually starve to death being tied in the yard etc.) or are killed in shelters because older pets are very rarely adopted. You can also add provisions in your will to ensure your pets are not abandoned.

None of us wants to think anything bad will happen to us but we owe it to them not to forget them.
Well that was fun!
My greyhound girl had not been herself for a couple of days, so we took her to the vet and antibiotics given. After her dinner she managed to escape from what we always believed to be a secure garden. After a sleepless night and a search by a group of local dogwalkers, madam is found sunbathing in a back garden about half a mile away. This garden has six foot plus fencing and a thick hedge and isn't accessible from the street.
The owner of the property thought she was ill as she was lying upside down!
Didn't know whether to kiss her or kick her, lets just say that she has no boot marks!
Took Steffi to Hunmanby beach, near Filey, this morning. Never seen the sea before and really wasn't sure what to make of water that goes backwards and forwards of its own accord! (As evidenced by the "action shot")

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