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This one has a slightly gammy paw that’s twisted a bit.

Apparently quite normal while pups grow and learn to support their weight.

Hope he grows out of it.

Pretty Girl.

Missing my furmonsters like crazy. Back on tour and the hardest part of the job is leaving them home. The isolation, crappy diet and harsh environment are a piece of piss, but not having the guys around gnaws at the soul at times.

Still, it's a great job and definitely beats working for a living.
A lad I used to work with has adopted these 2, he went for another dog an akita which has issues with other dogs so wasn't suitable and met these two older chaps.
He couldn't see them separated.
Zack is the Alsatian
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I'm laughing, but did it catch that..............please tell me it did:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I wish she had, but sadly it was not all her own work.

It certainly sparked her interest though ...

She has, however, despatched several mice, and I'd like to think she'd know what to do with a rat!
Back in the UK friday after two months out. Rescue place has messaged and has hounds for fostering :clap:
No idea what they have instore for me. Just having a stalk of their website now
I can sympathise with the owner in this clip. Gorgeous Schaferhund, though.

Two of mine taking a break after an afternoon of chasing squirrels. Cooper (Coop) on the left and Buck on the right. Both two years old.

Coop 2.JPG
From the inter-web . . . .

Barney's owner took Barney and Lily to the new Lidl earlier and the senile sod tied them to one of the new planted trees (solid steel railing right nearby) and he popped in for a pint of milk.
As he was halfway back to the tills he was met by this pair of Cuñts with a 15ft 8" thick tree being dragged by the pair of them.
I got an interesting call at work.

Apparently the root ball was only a couple of foot across. Left a trail of destruction behind them.
Sadly as he has a proper old person Doro phone with huge buttons he didn't get a pic.

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