ARRSE Kennel Club - A Dog Owners Thread

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by k13eod, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Don't know if this has been done before, but if it has then please delete Mods!

    I notice a lot of dog owners on here and there have been a few threads asking advice. I myself have benifitted greatly from some of the advice offered.

    So lets have a 'Dog Lovers' (our four legged furry variety) thread. Ask your questions here and post your pics of faithful mutts.

    Here's mine for starters. Bonnie, 3+ year old staff from RSPCA (we've had her 2+ years) and Clyde, 5 month old rescue staff (we've had him just over 3 weeks):

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  2. I have 2 dogs, a 13 year old Springer Spaniel, Dennis, and a 10 year old Jack Russell/Springer Spaniel cross, Dylan.
    Dennis is mentally buggered and on his last legs, and Dylan is 10 going on 2.
  3. i have got a 11 month old long haired rotty bitch!

    she has already made 6 1/2 stone!! but is soft as a brush

    i have a pic but can not get it to work!!!
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  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I'm somewhat hesitant to post on dogs, on ARRSE, after the crap, I got on the thread on Uno the beagle that I posted who won the the Westminster dog show in NY. 8O

    I thought it was one of the better looking Beagles that I have seen, although not my choice of breeds.

    I am a dog owner and have been a dog owner most of my life. I can't imagine life without one!

    My breed of choice is the miniature Bull Terrier. I have white bitch, Bully that is now about 12 years old. I have never had a better dog! Her name is Mya!

    Here's a picture of Mya, we adore her!

    (IMO: Mya died on Sept 2005)

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  5. Good call on the thread!

    Here's our big baby, a six-year old English pointer. He's extremely emotionally dependent on us, but a lot of fun. We adore him and I think it's mutual.



    I know, officially he's just a "pointer." But people who are unfamiliar with the breed always assume he's another kind unless we clarify.

    Besides, he's definitely English. During the last Six Nations match, he howled along to "God Save the Queen," and left the room during "La Marseillaise." :D
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  6. If you want a border collie - I can pick them up for around £40.

  7. I have a 7 year old German Shepard from Battersea and a 5 year old greyhound - we never raced her and had from a pup. She can bloody shift though

    Have pictures but Im a biff with this and wont bother posting them

    I live on the edge of Thetford Forest and they both love a good wonder through the woods
  8. There is a very nice border collie in Llanthony now at £80. I've been told he is a well marked dog pup. His price is double the original quote of £40 because they have been hanging onto him for work.

    Try and buy one elsewhere, he is an original farm bred dog. Come and get him.

  9. a white , goldern retriever-,linus,-famous viking.
    and a black alpine hurten hund.-we call ,percy, but his real handle is armon von hilperdingen.--bloody head case.
  10. Two really good pals! Man's best friend .. ..

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  11. I have serious doubts this thread will stay sane, however had to have my dog Patch put down 2 weeks ago after 16 1/2 years, lovely dog, mad as a box of frogs,p*ssed for england and hated Man united fans (ha to dog obidience classes)

    Miss the little tw*t like mad. :(
  12. Si,

    Pick up this pup - you will be happy forever.

  13. Chocolate lab, with a screw loose, likes to p*ss on one of our neighbours who is an old barsteward,
  14. Does anyone on this thread happen to know if anyone has a border collie for sale :roll:
  15. The Boxer Rebellion!

    So sorry to hear that. :( These guys become your most reliable friends...I like them more than 95% of all human beings.
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