Arrse, it's shit now isn't it.

It is your fault that myself and plenty of others do not believe you because you are full of contradictory shit.
On the other comments you are well wide of the mark apart from your statement "I'm nowt special". That I do concur with. Winsford /Warrington deserves you... Mr plastic scouse

My, my, your comprehension skills are low.

Are you a Sun reader?
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Mark down my post's and the frill you seek,
Which post do you want me to respond to? I wish you'd decide what you want to post before pressing reply.
I didn't know you were a frill seeker, Slugs. I've always had you down as a jeans and t-shirt sort but - well - frills and stuff. Who knew?! Every day's a school a day, it seems.
Just a puppet then.
Did you ever go to camp Bastion and take lots of pictures while the camp was being attacked?
Now you mention it there is a faint whiff of Mk1No4 about him...
Gentlemen, the first class belter to whom you refer was No4Mk1, it's important that we 'remember' properly.

Indeed - you can't beat a bit of proper remembering.

Erm, whom are we talking about again...?
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I’m not a sock you paranoid freak.
Sorry... I had you down as either a particularly moronic sock puppet or as a dribbling, weapons grade ultra mong.

I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right and with hindsight, the clues are there to seen. I really must try harder in future.
Well, that's me told...

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