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ARRSE is still up....

 ???but where's PPRUNE?


Iraqi agents trying to demoralise us? You wait, it'll be on Al Jazeera.....


It went down about 6pm on tuesday. It came up for a few minutes yesterday afternoon but is still down today. :(
We're advised that Pprune has been the subject of a Denial of Service atack, emenating from Taiwan ??????

The I/C PPrune , says he'll be back on the air yesterday, errrrr maybe he meant today.

Denial of Service attacks, hacking or pHReaKINg (Kewl) tend to be from hackers or attackers, diametrically opposed to the standpoint , percieved or otherwise of a website. Political PHrEAkiNG is gaining in popularity , especialy while we're liberating the Iraqi people from their oppressors. (I expect Interflora in Baghdad, have never had it so good)

Put simply, if your website is big, popular and  maintains a certain political stance  there is a chance, that some "Cyber Freedom Fighter" will ruin your day.

Anyway hope PPrune is back soon


Talking of denial o service attacks, I still can't log onto the Al-Jazeera site....Hmmm.

I wonder if GCHQ and the NSA have got anything they might like to own up to in 30 years when its been declassified.

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