ARRSE, is it really dying on its own name?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Gren, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. I ask, as all the old names I grew to respect and admire to a certain extent, seem to be missing of late, and all this talk of moving on to a better place etc seems to be the case.

    Fair enough a lot have been banned and have reinvented themselves as new and intuitive names, but I can sort of see their point.

    In the short time ive been here, the site seems to have developed a magent to the cockstand studenty type and the hermer fairtrade lot also seem to have now found a foothold.

    Has ARRSE started a slow run down the hill of loss to the left, more so since the MDN incident, or is it a glitch that will sort itself out?

    Again i ask, as it doesnt seem to have the same fun laugh a minute factor that drew me in at the start.

    I could also be talking shite due to a large amount of imbibed distilled beverages today, but I wonder???????
  2. ARRSE has certainly lost its zest although I for one welcome a cross-spectrum of views; it makes p1ss taking so much easier! Perhaps it's just a phase?
  3. I'm still here, until tomorrow anyway! Don't you respect me? :(

    I know what you're saying though. The site is getting full of muppets who post drivel or join to get some crappy point across. I just don't read those threads now. The site has lost some good blokes. Well good in the internet sense anyway. They could be complete ********* in reality, like me! :D
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It is a worthwhile discussion.

    There is a little too much PC at times but it was caused by a knob who kicked up a puritanical stink that should, IMHO, have been more robustly handled. I won't say more but it has greatly affected how this site works and operates, not for the better either.

    The thing I miss most is the meatier subject lines that don't seem to be allowed the ripping comments as before. Even our politicos' have given up trying.

    The thing that pisses me off the most is their replacement by the morons immediately jumping on to "outrage" for a story rather then being able to discuss the ins and outs of the matter or looking past the initial story line.

    Too much NAAFI;not enough Current Affairs....
  5. Like Arrseholes.... everyone has an opinion. 'twouldn't be The Army Rumour Service if they didn't.
    I post on the sites I feel should have the benefit of my views [right or wrong] and observe those that I think are a waste of bandwidth. [along with their posters]. Think how boring it would be if the likes of Sven [and his many alias's and alter egos] were not around to rip to bits. This site has given my many a laugh over the years and I have gained information and knowledge from it. Long may it continue.
  6. Interesting question. Paradoxically you might say that Arrse is a victim of its own success; there's an awful lot of very decent debate on a broad range of topics and Arrse gets quite frequently quoted in the media.

    Combine this with an increased interest in HMF (H4H included) and I think it has been a pretty powerful and interesting forum. I quite often refer people to the site but always give them a health warning about the NAAFI.

    I'd say the banter has deteriorated but from within. For every truly funny post or thread there are plenty of people who go wide of the mark but are just conceited enough to think they are funny. Arrse needs to be as quick witted as it is acid - for example, yes there's something pretty tragi-comedic about the media circus around the disappearance of that McCann girl, but there's a bestial line beyond which only a very few banter experts can cross (it is possible) and hold on to that acidity. Everyone else fails.

    Perhaps Arrse now just has too many of these failures posting a bit too often? I don't mean Sven, Sergei, Frenchperson etc either...
  7. The clue is in the title of the site. It is the ARMY rumour service, for serving and ex military to bump their gums, whinge, moan and talk sh1te. It has been hijacked by too many non military sorts, who don't get the banter, the ethos, or the way we do/did things. They should jog the fcuk on and leave the place to those who know the score.

    If the cap fits.
  8. Fair point. I'll wind me neck in, then.

    Personally, the NAAFI Bar isn't the same as it was but thankfully neither is CAs. It's not what it was when I first started visiting but there has been a definite improvement in the last few months.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree. Sadly, nothing to what it was a couple of years ago.
  10. the guru .... I suppose you could liken your thoughts on this subject to the thoughts I had in the '60's when the BPA was pretty much Army run and orientated with the best freefallers being military. With the popularity of Sport parachuting, civvies [especially know-it-all University students] gradually took over the set-up with the result that they implemented a ban on South African links to the sport, whereupon I immediately cancelled my longstanding membership.
    There are people who have worn the uniform and there are others.
  11. But you're an arsehole on here as well... Not that it isn't welcomed. Us hats need the abuse. Keep us in our place and suchlike. :p
  12. What makes ARRSE even worse is dopey twats coming out with short answers. :D
  13. I did think about that before I posted but I never thought anyone would think for a second that I'm an arsehole on ARRSE! :D
  14. Hey its to the point :) I'll miss you when your gone. :)
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