arrse is evil!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stroker, Aug 18, 2006.

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    'Rude, obnoxious and offensive website with hate fuelled personal attacks rife. A jaundiced, subversive yet mis-representative and wholly unofficial mouthpiece of the British Army that is nonetheless fed on and widely quoted by the World’s media. ARRSE undermines everything the British Army?s chain of command attempts to do in terms of media management and C3. It is a total discredit to the professional and ordered reputation of the British Army throughout the world. A loose cannon, this website is a threat to OPSEC and it’s very existence is a real and ever present liability to the security of the realm.
    Stu | 15:47, Monday 4 July 2005'

    If I've told him once, I've told him a thousand million times, don't over exaggerate!
  2. Ha - chuffed to f***. What a f***ing nosher.
  3. what a load of shoite and b0ll0cks i love it ......... :twisted:

  4. Are you're talking to me? If so, no I'm not an officer, as for the prick well.....
  5. no m8 i wasnt meaning you i meant the ass that wrote that webby
  6. I am too full of cider to understand fully what an arseh0le of a website that is lol ;O)
  7. Honesty may often be offensive to those who feel hreatened by it. There are many who find this site embarrasing and many who would like to see it closed down and who give reasons which are just as spurious and unsuported by evidence as those of the writer.

    If he looks at the numbers and backgrounds of those who comprise it's membership and engages his brain, he will discover that not all are members of the Field Army!

    It was Lord Soames, shadow defence secretary who reflected the view of offialdom who said of this site in a recent Radio 4 interview: "It's a place for the chaps to blow off a bit of steam".

    Long may it continue to ruffle the feathers and upset the sensibilties of the wrong people in the wrong jobs and those who wish they had a job.
  8. Any chance of having a run of Arrse T shirts made up, with "Stu"'s little rant printed on the back? I would buy one. :D

    That ever so charming person is obviously the type of person who would if serving make you stop playing drinking games in the bar, because its offensive and bullying and have you parade 5 times a day to prove his self worth.

    Sorry soap box mode activated.
  10. And they are "perfect" why?

    Seems to be a refuge for a bunch of do gooders and commies.

    and their site is carp!!! It looks terrible, give you migrane to find anything, no shop, no sister sites.

    By the layout, I would say the mouth on a stick writes a piece, then all others are supposed to adore them.

    On ARRSE all others will agree or shred them!!! :p
  11. Chaps, that article was written by a previously banned ARRSE member and troll who we all know as BlondBint.
    I wouldn’t take it too seriously :roll:

    For those who don’t recognise the user name, BlondBint is a civvy troll with no connections to the army who was outted for pretending to be involved in charitable work for combat stress and the SAS.

    That article has appeared around various different web sites under different author names.
    Just ignore it, she’s fully of crap.
  12. [quote="GokuJust ignore it, she’s fully of crap.[/quote]

    A surprise then that she didn't fit in here, with all the rest of you subversive, annoying, and frankly naughty people that associate in here.

    That BTW, before you start puffing yourselves up, does not apply to backsliding civvy walters who hang on here like Camp Followers.
  13. judging from the comments most are supportive of arrse, bar the two made by complete twats. I think I may add my own.
    Stroker it me wonder how you ever came across the site in question :D
  14. Arrse.... Evil.... Dangerous! ......Prohibited? All the cool kids will be doing "Arrse" before you know it.

    (I understand Arrse has been banned from NeverLand due to miss use) :)
  15. Hes a right dickhead, Only thing he wants to do eat some cnuts rations