Arrse is back, thank god!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tiddle, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. I have been missing my fix.

    Anyone else as sad as me?
  2. One post in the last six weeks? :? Ooo, you Arrse junkie you! :wink:
  3. Sorry sandmanfez, obviously my opinion isn’t worth as much as yours; I bow before your mighty post count.

  4. They learn quickly here :D
  5. A bit of an over-reaction Tiddle, do you not understand the concept of sarcasm and use of smileys?

  6. This is the NAFFI bar FFS, in all my time of getting insulted in the NAFFI I have never been called a infant, get a fcuking grip you fcuking raving bender.

  7. Perhaps you hit a nerve with the last comment or a G sopt
  8. Must admit , I did wonder what had happened, to the extent that I joined rum ration to ask what the fcuk had happened to arrse. I,m still waiting for my authorisation ,, so I guess the question will never be asked !!!!!!!!!!

    Regards LT.
  9. Well after a day sans arrse someone has got to get the ball rolling.

    And if sandmanfez is hitting the g-spot of a infant that makes him a nonce surley?

    We'll have little old ladies spitting at him in the street in no time. (unless thats already the case?)
  10. I thought it was a conspiracy, I mean Amirillo more like a code name for a secret operation or that the walts had hacked the place. Anyone else got a spare bit of tin foil?
  11. That wouldn’t mean anything.

    Little old ladies forget things, poo their pants, and drool. Spitting in public is just the next stage on.
  13. Hark at her.

    Another stabby methinks.
  14. Unless you’re a little old lady, I’m not interested :wink:
  15. Excellent. Teddies out of prams and a whore alcoholic posting drivel within 3 minutes of arrse being back up.

    Have a fight, all of you. Just make sure that someone videos Dale getting her tw*t clouted out with a shipyard crane.


    Lots of love

    etc etc etc