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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by qman, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. This Website is fec*in rubbish! It's displayed my personal info at the side of the page but it's fu***n wrong! I joined up in 1988 not 2007. If the computers can't get this right than we are well Fuc*ed if the Army ever decide to computerise our records. Thank god that that will never happen!

    And the Moderators say..........No we are not, my little blanket stacker; after only one hour and 22 minutes you are in The Arrse Hole where you belong.

    Now that is faster than Glasgow ever managed. love and kisses, MiB
  2. WAH?

    (IF its not you are incredibly thick)
  3. Theres no flies on you today Ronnie!
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Please, God if your out there, let this be a WAH.
  5. I always ignored q-men.

    I don't see any reason to change.
  6. Lads..Think imminent computerised admin and you'll maybe get the joke.

    Edited to add...Are people still hungover after the weekend ?
  7. Irony?

    I always ignored ironic q-men.

    I don't see any reason to change.
  8. It must be too much Carlsberg but weren't there attempts to collate all our personal data in the mid (ish) eighties?

    I remember getting the form back and correcting the erroneous entries which was virtually all of them. Still they did get my name almost right even though it was spelt incorrectly.
  9. Trust me on this one MiB, The Arrsehole you have put me into is nothing compared to the one I am 'Assigned' to. And for the record I ain't no blanket stacker neither - close but no pie for thee! How come you know where my MCM Div are located are you RLC as well?
  10. And another thing how come it's got me down as being posted 80 times? At my last count I'd only been posted 7 times. I've got more than 2 medals and it doesn't seem to recognise any medals other than the GSM, which incidentally I have never received.
  11. Good to see the future of the trade getting to grips with Bad Admin
  12. Careful OPSEC! :threaten:

    thanks though very kind comment. :plotting:
  13. posted in error
    brain fart,
    must be all these crab birds walking past

  14. Arrse is clever. It must know what your real potential is. It'll change your username to qmans biatch.
  15. LFH: It's not that clever! As I've just said it's got all my details wrong! Its just posted me another 3 times since I last looked in and I don't know why it keeps insisting that I have been awarded 2 GSMs. I have contacted my CC but he insists that ARRSE is nothing to do with JPA, but I thought we were getting all computered up. Surely there is a way to link up the admin sides of these operating systems so that correct medals and posting details are correct. How would Johnson Beharry VC feel if he were to come online to find out that ARRSE have got his details incorrect.