ARRSE iPhone App - Update

For those of you with iPhones, iPads, etc you'll be pleased to know that we've just updated the ARRSE app. There are quite a few significant improvements which we think will go down well:
  • Ability to open a thread in Safari
  • Ability to share a thread via email
  • Multiple attachment support
  • Ability to open internal links within the app
    [*]Added iPad support
  • General UI and performance improvement

If you're a user then pse let me know what you think!


Book Reviewer
Any chance of an App for Rum Ration????
It is possible that the picture upload issue is now sorted but I'd be grateful for confirmation either way pse?
Great stuff, was also wondering if anyone had tried it out on an iPad yet?


Book Reviewer
The picture was just to check to see if that bit worked. It seems it did!
will try ipad tonight.

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