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Arrse invades germany

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Thebull140, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Hamburg

  2. Frankfurt

  3. Munich

  4. Berlin

  5. Hannover

  6. Prague (for smooje bless him)

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  1. Right some suggestions have come in. so vote on the poll then i'll look at working out a date then i'll go beat smoojalooge for his lack knowledge of European geography.
  2. Nice one :) My vote goes to Munich. This being one top memory and this being another.

    edited to add that these are definitely not distant memories :)
  3. Dont want this getting lost now do we. Come on get your votes in if anyone has anymore ideas let me know and i'll add em to the poll.
  4. fcuk germany vote prague
  5. Beeeeeeerlin :D
  6. Oh god thanks smooje for hijacking the poll. Looks like the german arrse craw could end up in the czech republic.

    GoodCO will never trust me after this
  7. Sunny Sennelager - Tingle Tangles ! - Failing that I've heard Berlin is a monumental night out :D

    Edited to add - 500 posts woo hoo :roll:
  8. stop whinging cornetto thief

    Prague here we come!!!
  9. I think Berlin I have to visit my Mexican friend there anyway so will save me money on 2 different trips.
  10. How about Flensburg?

    Nice and handy for us Arrsers in Denmark!
  11. [marq=left][​IMG]München[​IMG][/marq]
  12. thats not how you spell prague dozy
  13. You're brighter than you look, Smooj! :p
  14. great looking bloke nice shirt

    I have a lob on just seeing that pic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.