Arrse invades germany part 2

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Thebull140, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Right people i've narrowed it down to 2 choices for you to vote for on the location, these were the 2 top runners on the last poll

    Berlin (Capital, lots of choice, easy to get to)
    Prague (Thanks smooje it's in the bloody Czech republic but has cheap beer, cheap everytihg else and lacks german)
  2. one does ones best
  3. Come on people if there;s no interest it's just not going to happen.
  4. Silence from the lambs of ARRSE might indicate that they're on "watch lists" and so unable to exit the country, are already outside the country and in places where even mentioning "beer" falls into the catagory of enhanced interrogation techniques, or don't fancy trying to explain to the Berlin/Praque Polizei exactly why they have a raffic cone on their heads and are doing a naked conga around the city centre.....
  5. Just a thought, it may be worth checking if military are allowed to go into Czech Republic. My squaddie friend lost her purse with MOD 90 in whilst travelling through there and got in some serious sh*t for not having told anybody she was going into an Ex-Communist country.
  6. They're just cr@p excuses with the last one bordering on gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  7. In spring would be a good idea,but I don´t know if I´ll come to Prague.
  8. The general feeling was for something april/may time. However if prague does come out on top there has been talk of a crawl in Munich round Oktoberfest time.
  9. Now, were it to be June/July with tickets supplied you'd have a fair few takers.
  10. Come on people get deciding. thinking middle of june time ish btw
  11. Wouldn't mind going to munich for the october do,sadly can't go middle of june as i have already sorted a trip to Madrid for a few days on the piss(cheap as feck by the way)50 notes with squeezy jet. :D
  12. Bully just a suggestion , there are loads of arrsers in Germany if the crawl was somewhere central i bet there would be loads of interest , prague is a hoofing idea but i am sure you would only get a few hardcore arrsers there . I am not suggesting in the middle of hohne or munster or anything but if it was in a ''non-squaddie'' city that is fairly central to all brit garrisons i bet you would have loads of interest .I dont want to steal your thunder because Prague is ace .
  13. What about an arrse cruise on the Newcastle - Rottordam party boat ? Fairly cheap , disco both ways on 2 nights , no accomadation dramas , bar open late . Just an idea .

  14. Now that is a top idea. :twisted:
  15. you're not it was my idea :twisted: