ARRSE Internet (Link) Rampage Appeal

Reet youz foukas

There're loads of military sites, current affairs forums, regimental-goat-porn sites and any other great places for ARRSE to link to out there.

What we need (please) is for you to stop whinging about not being able to log in, site crashes, moderators deleting your posts and other minor hiccups (sp?) and submit these links to our links section, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, drop the site concerned a message suggesting that they may like to link to us.

Right click, copy:

"I am an enthusiastic user of the Army Rumour Service ( I'm writing to suggest that you link to them and add your link to their links section ( They have site traffic of about 2 million hits a month of mainly serving and ex British military (although the users include many other nationalities and backgrounds) and exchanging links could significantly increase your site traffic" etc

Free t-shirt if you can get our link published on the PM's No.10 site! In fact a free "Seen Your ARRSE" T-shirt for the best link placement. To be judged on a very uncertain basis after this has been running for a couple of weeks - let's say 30 March. Cub's honour.
Flash has it etched into the wall of the men's room at his gay bath house, MDN told me. And Ctauch has it shaved into his goat's butt.

I am off to see if I can get it liked to GIJargon.
Am trying Q and Viz. You should have told me earlier before I bought 2 t-shirts!!!!
I'm a devious b astard, what did you expect? (thanks BTW - see email)
Come on folks.. roll up.. roll up..

We would be really grateful if you'd take a couple of minutes to spread the word to any other sites you use and think should link to ARRSE. If every user managed a link submission to one other site I would be a very happy small white bearded god.

As I said - a free T-Shirt to the best link acheived.

The text spiel is at the top of the thread, but I'll add a couple of graphic links to our links page today.

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