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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Taff49, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Rather surprisingly, I couldn’t find a “best Indian Restaurant thread”, so I thought, seeing as how I have been accused of being half-man, half curry, I would start one. Nothing too heavy, just a thread for people to tell the forum which Indian Restaurants are worth a visit and which are best avoided. If nothing else, it will give me some pointers as I roam the country with work.

    The Spice Pavilion, Dundas Street, Edinburgh. Licenced, Cobra on draught and the Chicken Kolhapuri was outstanding, spicy without being a killer burn.

    Akbar Tandoori, Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames. Licenced, Kingfisher on draught, Lamb Pathia was very good. Cheap as chips as well, probably as there are half a dozen Indians on that road.

    Any more? Anyone recommend a good one in Aberdeen, Carlise & Hull? (no prizes for guessing where I'm heading next...)
  2. There's the best and worse curry houses in the NAAFI and also useful is the curry competition thread.
  3. Hong Kong Restaurant in Ndola, Zambia was pretty good.

    Yeah, I know....
  4. Found a nice one on Saturday after the game. The Bangalore just round the corner from UJC. What little I had of my meal before my drink addled stomach told me that eating wasn't a good plan tasted very good, and reasonably priced for London.

    Best place we've ever been to though was called the Ganges in Exeter on Fore Street
    Ganges Restaurant
    Bloody marvellous meal.

    Another good one was the Calcutta Brasserie in Stony Stratford, went there at Christmas with a group of friends and had a Christmas themed banquet.
    Welcome to Calcutta Brasserie
  5. Stick to one of each with scraps and maybe that chip oil curry sauce if you're feeling flush.Enjoy Aberdeen before you get to Hull.
  6. Jewel Balti in Monmouth is rather good and not overpriced too. Usual beers, plus usual curries but these seem alive where others just seem okay. They have plenty of unusual dishes too which are just mouth watering. God, I need a curry!
    Staff are friendly and a good bunch.
  7. Bengal Classic in Poplar. Excellent food and decent beer.
  8. Babur Brasserie in Brockley SE London

    excellent not your classic indian more a bit trendy but food is superb and if you are tired of the same old stuff on the menu they have some less usual dishes
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  9. Kashmir Tandoori, 20 Palace Street, Canterbury...fantastic food and reasonable prices and also family friendly. Took my 7 year old there for his first curry house expereince and they kindly gave suggestions to get him hooked...worked a treat!
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  10. .
    The Maldives at Larkhill is spot on, Very nice food and they'll happily add stuff to your taste or even make something from scratch if they don't have what you're after on the menu.
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  11. Bloody good drinks menu too.

    My suggestions:

    Rasa (S Indian veggy, Stokey Church St and Charlotte St), Lahore (Pakistani grill, Whitechapel).
  12. Café Spice Namaste in Prescott Street near Tower Hill is very good. A bit different from the usual curry house and a bit more expensive, but worth it on occasion
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A really good shout - probably my favourite curry house, but a million miles away from the usual "bright orange tikka masala" type venue.

    Squid dynamite is for winners.
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  14. I'll bet you can quote the ******* bible,koran and all the others backwards can't tha.
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  15. I've got their takeaway menu here at home, might have to give it a try, thanks.