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Arrse in top 100 military sites!

I tried to find out where the Top100MilitarySites Site was in the Top100Top100Sites Site. Then I did something more interesting. Taxi!

Good old ARRSe, though.
Not a chance. Luckily, we don't have psychometric testing. If we did, I'm fcuked.[/quote]

Do you talk to dead people?


Lovingly ripped off from Zoolander, on over the weekend, thanks Ben.
PartTimePongo said:
The Best Military Sites were collected in this rating and sorted by popularity. The URL of every military site was found in multiple internet searches and the amount of mentions of site's addresses is used to generate the rating.
So if everyone added www.arrse.co.uk to their sig block?.......
P.T.P please can you explain how to add arrse to my sig block please
I think it said... that rating depends on how often www.arrse.co.uk is mentioned on the other sites... not on our own.

So if you are a member of another forum on the list... that's where you should write it. I'm just about to add rearparty to the list if it's noat already on... they must say arrse all the time.

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