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Arrse gets an excellent write up in the times today with loads of juicy quotes...........

I am not internet savy enough to inset the link but it is the Libby Purves Column.

do i get a mention for supporting a relegated football team? and being so damn handsome? :wink:
Errrr if we could all just draw a discrete veil over the postal vote idea? 8O

Vote Arrse in 2005 :D

Oh and 'scuse Fingers for the cut and paste, all Copyright that damn fine Journalist Ms. Purves and the Times 2004.

The soldiers’ own voices, mournful and ashamed, are the last set which I would offer you. If the first voice said “Westerners abuse Arabs” and the second “Armies are brutal”, the soldiers’ voice has a simpler message: “Men are fallible.” If you follow the army rumour website ( it is usually full of wicked jokes and gung-ho cynicism: my favourite strand was the evil suggestion that overseas personnel, who at an election may name any UK constituency as their likely base, should name Sedgefield and get the PM out. When the American abuse pictures appeared, there was indignation and the occasional laddish joke: one long thoughtful posting ends “. . . and to add insult to injury, the bird who is tormenting them is a right moose”. But this week, with the British pictures out, the tone is quieter, heavy with disgust and shame. Listen:

“Really hope it isn’t true . . . thank God Mike Jackson didn’t talk a load of crap, spin it and blame the media . . . Shite happens in any walk of life, I would like to think we are better than that . . . bad apple . . . absolutely stomach churning, heads need to roll right the way up the chain of command if this is true . . . I hope all those involved get beasted out of sight . . . whether these prisoners are murderers, terrorists or not, those in charge had a duty of care . . . we are meant to be a disciplined force not a bunch of cowboys . . . why didn’t the guy with the camera stop it happening? . . . .Feck this, I’m going for a morose beer somewhere.”

Of all the cries — Westerners hate Arabs, all war is wrong, armies are beasts — I prefer that soldier’s simple conclusion. Shite happens. Men are fallible. We struggle to be better. May the Muslim world, please God or Allah, have the grace to believe that.

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thanks for the link VB
Arrse members and their quoted (loosely) 15 seconds of fame in that article:


Just saw General Sir Mike Jackson on the news - handled it very well. But then again he didn't talk a load of crap, try and spin it, change the subject and attack the media. So he can't be a politician then. Thank god.

There must be some mistake. When I joined the army we used to run a PH+TQ course every month.

Shite happens in any walk of life, I would like to think we are better than that and every barrel has a bad apple or two.

Feck this, I'm going for a morose beer somewhere...
Subsonic (again):

Unfortunately it does not go bang and it isn't sexy, "move it down to the bottom of the pile again Darling"

"Well it's gone bang now General......."
Chickenpunk (again):

We are meant to be a disciplined force capable of operating sanely under difficult circumstances, not a bunch of cowboys
And if 'horrified comrades' were able to take photographs of the abuse, which they subsequently pass to the press, why weren't they able or inclined to stop this abuse while it was happening?
And so on...well done to all arrse members involved in seeking the truth! :D
This is a part of the article that stood out for me (the italics are mine):

. If some do wrong — and the American abuse photos are so far better accredited than the British ones — as General Jackson snapped, they are not fit to wear the Queen’s uniform. The politics of the war are immaterial. It is not Mr Blair’s insignia that they wear but that of monarch and nation. Never has the distinction been more vital.
I wish someone would tell the Dear Leader.

New Labour - New Megalomania
great quote, wish more people would realise that its Queen and country and not PM and his place in history!!
It is also interesting that she picked up on the underfunding and overstretch issues affecting moral and balance of the forces, and that this could lead in the future to such incidents.

A very good article. And of course arrse is in it. :p
I wonder if Ms. Purves will put in a good word for me with the next Pop Idol auditions? I’ve 2500+ posts here on ARRSE and still no recognition. She could have at least published my Batman picture joke or stated there’s a handsome dude in the photo section. What does a bloke have to do around here to get famous?
Outstanding....however, how long before we see a DCI regarding use of chatroom websites to discuss service matters and a reminder of the applicable QRs regarding unauthorised contact with the media.... :x

I hope no-one is mug enough to use a work computer for this!
Allah Akbar! I've been quoted in the Times :p

one long thoughtful posting ends “. . . and to add insult to injury, the bird who is tormenting them is a right moose”.
Yes but she liked my bit best Bernoulli :D lol I believe she used the word "Evil" Muwahahahahahahhahahaa :twisted:

.....and so it begins 8O
Oh well if we are to be banned from posting at least we will go down having defended our honour as soldiers.

Lets hope higher sees this site as part of the attempt to educate journalists on military life, let's face it they need all the help they can get.
Well, excuse me PTP, but I note that she didn't describe your post as being "long and thoughtful"* nyanyanyanyanyanyanya I can't hear you! :lol:

* Which is odd, because my post was only three lines and a couple of links..
You're right bernoulli.

I think she's partial to a bit of Dark Blue :(
Of course she is. Her eyes aren't painted on, you know.

Don't listen to him, you know what Sailors are like! 8O
What are you trying to say? :(

(Libby,all Matelots have physiques like this, honest.)

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