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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. I read a letter in the Times this morning which refered to the Army Rumour Website, bottom right hand corner of the letters page.
  2. :D :twisted: :D :twisted: :D :twisted: :D :twisted: :D :twisted: :D :twisted:
  3. The Prince of Wales’s Light Green Wellingtons.

    The Regiment is likely to have LI Coys in the TA Bn :twisted: :twisted:
  4. While serving on the same camp as the Queens Own Highlanders during the last round of amalgamations it was suggested that after their amamlagamation with The Gordon Highlanders, that they should become known as Gordons Own Highland Queens.

    Needless to say not many of the Jocks found this one funny but we got a laugh out of it for a couple of weeks

  5. If these amalgamations keep going we may soon have :

    The Royal Medical, Intelligence, Logistics Military Police.

    The Royal Para Signals Engineers Band (Amphibious) (V)


    Anybody think of any more?
  6. the royal armoured air force marines?
  7. During the last round of cuts (only that time they were done to us by our chums the Tories), various new units were speculated about - 'The Foreskins' were the amalgamation of the 4/7 DG and 5th Skins!! And the greatest regiment on earth became, amongst other things, Camilla's Commandos, Squidgey's Own, Di's Guys.....when losing their name and being polluted by the Hampshires. Add to this the 'Power Rangers' (no doubt their wives club will become in time the 'Flower Arrangers' - in fact that's not a bad name for 1 Para themselves) as formed by that unholy alliance of TCH and the Poodle of Darkness.

    Let's all emigrate - I hear Baghdad is nice at this time of year.......
  8. Adjutant Generals Corps?

    Flight of fancy, I know.
  9. A not so recent round of cuts and mergers prompted one of my ilk to write a letter to the SofS proposing a merger between the Royal Green Jackets and the Life Guards to become the 1st Life Jackets.
  10. Tyne Tees/Yorkshire Television Bn (VR*), with Richard Whiteley as Col in Chief.

    Another consonant please Carol!

    * VR - Virtual reality orbat: answer phone at RHQ with hologram rifle coys. Just think of the savings!
  11. Apparently soldiers are now being told that they do not need to buy name tags for their jackets. After the last :D lot of cuts the entire Army will be on first name terms! :D
  12. Canteen cowboy wrote
    Better as Royal Logistics Intelligence Military Police.
    Then goes in 101 as Royal LIMP
  13. Last time around we foresaw the Green Jackets and the Irish Rangers being amalgamated to form the Royal Jacket Potatoes!
  14. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Royal Engintillery could cause some internal dissent
  15. Christ! Was that a year ago! I still wonder what Mr Perryman's Arrse name is.....