ARRSE in the Press again.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by short-fuse, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. I saw this in the Torygraph this morning in an article about prince Harry:

    " look up a website called the British Army Rumour Service now and again because it amuses me (you type ARRSE into your search engine if you don't mind the crudity). On Harry, the commentators are generally agreed that he sounds a decent enough bloke. Being soldiers, they're tickled by the idea that he'll be commissioned before William, who will "have to throw a kipper" at his baby brother (salute). They're all convinced that he's bound for the Welsh Guards.

    As for active service, they pretty much scorn the idea that he'll ever set foot in the sands of Iraq. Anyway, they don't fancy his chances even if he does wangle his way out to Multinational Division SE: "Chances of him going out on patrol?" asks one commenter. "Desk job as casualty liaison officer at the BMH in Shaibah, methinks." (The army hospital in Basra province.) Let's hope not.".


    A good article that advertises the wonder that is ARRSE but also a warning to posters that the Journo's are out there.

  2. I don't believe anyone on this site would use the expression 'throw a kipper' - what is this - 1950?

    Fcuking journos... ;) She's friendly forces though - her son is in Iraq.

    Edited to add: And here is the journo in question!


    Yep - no worries.
  3. Membership of nearly 11,000 and I believe one or 2 people said Welsh Guards for Harry... :roll:
  4. Don't let the cool professional look fool you, she's not logging in for the cut and thrust debate and humour of Current Affairs. No siree, it's straight to the little RTFQ stories.

    If only Fiona Bruce would log in :(

    Why do we never get the journalists I want to give a brace of brats to?
  5. PTP - she's also very fond of using the word 'fcukwit' in various pieces she's written - mostly aimed at the sort of people we'd call 'fcukwit' as well! :)

    I remain to be convinced that Ms Woods finds the word 'ARRSE' that squirm-inducing.

    Perhaps this thread will entice her to break cover and post a quick 'hello' to us all, seeing as how we are a veritable goldmine of stories for these types? ;)

    Filthy scutter....
  6. No point Darth , I told you, she wants little RTFQ stories , the odd Stumpy dit , and of course MDN offering to abuse her every which way from Tuesday.

    It's the complete Arrse experience for the high-flying female.

    And all the low ones too ;)
  7. I have read some of her stuff in the past and its been quoted on ARRSE before. Genuinely a friend of the forces although before her son joined up she freely admits to not having a clue about the military. And yes she would get it, although the negotiations with Mrs S-F following dicovery of this post may make me wish that I edited this sentence.
  8. It would be nice to see a mention of the enormous contempt that current and ex-serving members of the Armed Forces feel towards HMG in general and certain ministers in particular, namely Bliar and TCH who must generate more hatred than any politician has generated in the past.
  9. Having read her article and her comments about ARRSE, she seems to make that all too common (these days) journo mistake of believing everything she is spoon fed. ARRSE is a dish served with a large side order of cynicism and a good dollop of irony. What we say for effect is not necessarily what we believe, but it's a whole lot more amusing and is much more likely to get a bite! Journos beware!


  10. IIRC she did a couple of good articles about her son's time at RMAS - very pro the system. Isn't he a wooden-top?
  11. Since when has ARRSE been BARRSE???

    Read the article carefully:-
    I can only suppose it's to remind the foreign readers just which army PH is joining!!!

    Next she'll be calling it the Brit Army I suppose.

    Guffawww!!! Guffawww!!!
  12. She seems to have slightly missed the point ref. O/Cdt Wales being a bit of a danger to his Plt/Tp.

    Not for any reason of lack of skill or courage on his part, but by the fact he's 3rd in line to the big chair after Chas and "I'd like to join the SAS but they won't let me deploy, so I'll probably not join up and send Grandad's blood pressure even higher when I'm lurking at the Cenotaph in a lounge suit like Uncle Ed" Wills.

    He's going to be a huge flak magnet anywhere there are suicide bombers & IEDs, so probably best not sent to the sandpit.

    Incidentally, if she's allegedly a little squeamish about the word ARRSE, she's presumably not following the "cheese melt" thread in the NAFFI Bar . . .
  13. She looks really stern and forceful - my kind of chick - i deffo would!!! Ifshe's reading this - go on PM me I dare ya!
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry D_D it was a direct quote:

    All of the info came from this thread:
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Isn't it Sarah Sands who has the son who served in Iraq?