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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteRabbit, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Should British soldiers be dying for the rights of Afghan women? No.

    Should British soldiers be dying for the rights of Afghan women? No. | James Fergusson | Comment is free | The Observer

    It's an interesting, though slightly hard-hearted article, and worth a read. To a large degree this attitude of RealPolitik is the default mode for British forces in Helmand anyway. We ignore opium cultivation and sexual discrimination that technically violate Afghan laws, concerning ourselves only with the insurgency.
  2. The alternative is to occupy the country, and to rule and administer it according to our customs, for the next hundred years or so.
  3. That's 15 minutes of fame for Spot_the_Dog.

    We cannot rule Afghanistan forever, and we cannot hope to change a thousand-year culture by 2014. But if we can improve the lives of the locals and prevent it posing a threat to UK PLC in the immediate future then that's something I suppose.
  4. Just a point of order - we are not "ruling" Afghanistan now.
    Rather we are being gamed by Karzai's kleptocracy.
    The Mongols were the last 'foreign' entity to rule, but the Great Khan's methods would be considered de trop in the age courageous restraint.
    Since then it's been a Pushtun game - who occasionally allow others to play, but for a price and the odds are always stacked against the ferengie.
    Karzai's shenanigans over Maj Shaw -who was I/C of our Embassy protection when Bruin complained about corruption- shows that the tail has been wagging the dog for a little too long.
    Time to cut him loose and let him run to the Chinese with whom the conniving barsteward has been cutting deals.
    They would have little compunction going Genghis on Terry.
  5. Well said Rhodie.


    Tom Come home.