ARRSE in the news again - BBC

DO my eyes decieve me, or have the BBC finally hotlinked to Arrse???? Had experience of a BBC hotlink posted to one of my websites in the past . Traffic was astonishing for 2/3 hours. Google Ad-words eat your heart out :D
Be interesting to see how many new members there are over the course of the day
Bloody hell. A link on the BEEB. Better than an invitation to the whitehouse.
Oh dear. Stand by for a whole new generation of Wieners and oxygen Thieves to descend on the site...
There is always that danger Bernie.

Or more Matelots :D

Good Boss, what's the traffic increase like, if any?
I suppose it's better than nothing. It still makes it sound a bit irreverent though. I would've preferred something like: "the British military website ARRSE", or similar. Surely that couldn't get up peoples' schnozzes, could it?

cpunk said:
Yes but the Army 'Rumours' Service: it makes us sound like a military Fleetwood Mac fan club...
Good album though. :D

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