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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eye_spy, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know why ARRSE is not mentioned in the web watch feature each month in Soldier magazine? Is this a result of an official snub to this site? Perhaps Bad and/or Good CO could shed some light on this taxing and highly debateable topic.
  2. If arrse pay for an ad or colum then im sure they would be...
  3. Considering how main stream this site is becoming, I doubt the COs really need to advertise in soldier mag :wink:
  4. does anybody get any feedback from the chain of command on how arrse / use of arrse is regarded? only mention i have ever known is when people started mentioning things that should not be bandied about. OC read us the riot act.
  5. That is a quality Wiki page! and spookily true.
  6. On a couple of occasions Arrse wiki has been quoted to clear up slang terms used by different capbadges on the letters page.
  7. I am reliably informed our previous Director was known to peruse occasionally.
  8. when i get to the dizzy heights of Director, i shall still be on arrse ;)
  9. Visited LAND last week, was told that a lot of the 'Brass' read Arrse.
  10. I bet they all read the poo and mong threads.
  11. I think they just want to know what we are all saying about them :D

    On the general theme, we did make an approach to Soldier a couple of years ago and they politely told us to foxtrot oscar as I recall, but were happy for us to PAY(!) to take out an advert. It is, after all, the official good-news propaganda rag of the British Army where the troops love going on ops, the kit works, the pay arrives, the families are happy, and big pink fairy elephants jump over the moon......... (anyone surprised they didn't want to publicise a web site where soldiers anonymously talk about how sh1te the kit is, how knackered they are, how their pay is as screwed as their promotion prospects, and how pump the CoC can be?)