Arrse in press

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Not sure which thread sparked this...

  2. :scratch:
    ... holocaust? ... 1997? ... this more political fiction from Fabricant?
    define fabricant: one who fabricates (makes up in order to deceive) !
  3. Is this where the word 'fabricated' comes from?

    edit: beaten to it - by a frikkin rock :frustrated:
  4. Wow - he went around the assault course - surely a GSM is awarded for this ??
  5. In the Legion of Frontiersmen this is a distinct possibility. Walty MP Michael Fabricant sounds like an ideal recruit for them.
  6. I believe it was started off by King_of_the_Burpas in an oxygen thief thread *searches metaphorical filing cabinet*, it's not one of his articles is it?

    Et voila! Oxygen Thief Hall of Fame entry

    That is definitely a wig.
  7. What a f-ing idiot! He does not try to patch things up very well, mabey thats why the torys are lagging behind liebor?

    Petrol bombed! Ha, I had more fire in a classroom, frigging walt!
  8. With people like him, Labour are assured of a further 4 years ruining the country.
  9. Sounds to me like this guy lives in his own little world. Sorry forgot he's a politician, they all live in their own little world. People like this give the word human being a bad press. Spent more time in the NAAFI queue than he has in uniform. The man is a tit of the highest order!!!
  10. Bitchy little diary writers eh? Well if Michael F can't take a joke he shouldn't have joined - i mean taken part in the AFPS! As for "served" - any service involves serving but doing the VVIP APFS, which is like a long Executive Stretch for politicians does not count. The only plus is that he has a more intimate knowledge of the services as a result of participating than most of his colleagues.
  11. You mean to say he's forgotten more about the Forces than others ever learnt ?.
  12. I wouldn't have liked to have been stood next to him when that happened, that 'piece' of his is an awful fire hazard.
  13. "former soldiers complain in fairly fruity terms??????" FFS! Journos eh?
  14. Fuck me, all he needs is the Werthers Original and he looks like everyones "uncle" that lived across the street and touched you where you wee.



    Or it could be an aged version of that bloke who used to present "Fun House", Pat Sharpe.

  15. There are some gems on here:

    Edited to add: Oh, bugger me, Praetorian!!! I didn't see you there. And, therefore, didn't see that anyone had already posted a pic of this freak. Well, they say great minds think alike......