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Not sure if this has appeared elsewhere already:

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Daily Star

November 27, 2005

SECTION: U.K. 1st Edition; NEWS; Pg. 22

LENGTH: 140 words


HERO soldiers are furious at delays in receiving medals they have won fighting in Iraq.

And they have now launched a campaign to embarrass the Government into action.

The action is by members of the British Army Rumour Service, a website devoted to soldiers swapping military gossip also known as ARRSE.

They are determined to shame the Ministry o Defence into speeding up the distribution of campaign medals.

One of the organisers said: "Our primary objective is to get the medals delivered.

"If by taking this action we cause embarrassment then so be it."

The Iraq campaign medal was launched in February 2004 by Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram.

But by the start of this year fewer than half the eligible 80,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen had received the gongs.

The MoD has apologised for the delays.
maninblack said:
Our primary objective is to get your medals delivered, if by taking this action we cause embarrassment then so be it, only those who have failed the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces will be embarrassed.
Now where have I heard that before :D

Nice to see the campaign gaining national momentum, even if it is in the Daily Star :roll:


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Thanks to The daily Star for that, i should have been more helpful to them but I have been working away.

Can everyone please encourage those who are missing medals to email the contact details in the thread so that we can get the numbers we need to really raise the profile.



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