Arrse in press again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Did someone nominate their blog entry?

  2. Forgive the dopey question, but how can it be Copyright 2005 Newspaper Publishing PLC Independent on Sunday (London)?
  3. Correct, it should be copyright

    Anyone got a buckshee hard copy, or can someone PM me a link so I can print it out and frame it? I've never been published before! :roll:
  4. The article is copyrighted by them - not the source material. It will be applied to all their editorial as a matter of course but in this example they have only added a few words.
  5. Bits, can we still be your friends, or will celebrity go to your head? :D
  6. Bits - forget the hard copy for the moment and ask them when your cheque will be arriving. :lol:
  7. I see none of the mong threads made it in the broadsheet though.
  8. Bits

    can you send us all a copy of your autograph please. :):):):)

  9. I think the only thing going to my head at the moment is anonymity. I think I'm going to keep my head below the proverbial parapet from now on. I ought really to have PM'd that advice to warcorro. If any journo is reading this, Plant_Pilot's comments about 'reading this and thinking you know it all' very strongly apply.

    I'm concerned that the article might bring yet more journalists to this site, which would be a very unfortunate thing because we would all have to be a lot more careful about what we say (my post was in Training Wing FFS!). Iit would inevitably make PTP's job of moderating the Current Affairs Forum even less enviable that is is already.

    If anything I'm rather embarassed and not a little annoyed (with myself).

    As much as I could use the readies, I am more concerned that our journalist fraternity might start using our site to try and get hints and tips before they go abroad. It is bad enough in Training Wing with the continual barrage of 'boots' questions from mongs who don't know any better, without compounding the problem with journalists wanting advice too.

    Sadly I think it may now be necessary to establish each individuals credentials before responding to requests for advice, and giving advice via PM. I know I will be from now on (although I had checked out warcorro and he/she is serving).

    PTP - I'd be interested in your thoughts (serious!).
  10. Bits, you've changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can now say you're a published author!

    Err, my tips for the day

    Don't eat yellow snow.

    Never phone home when drunk.

    If in doubt, cuff it
  11. It's a difficult one Bits. Personally, I know 3 journalists on National and local Media who are TA soldiers , and good ones too. I would be hesitant to discourage them from attending the site, as it's as much "their's" if you see what I mean.

    Actually, on reflection, I think it a good idea to establish the credentials of anyone asking questions in this manner. Journalists, I can assure you, you won't get a "F**k right off" if you do identify yourself by PM to me, and ask for advice. If it doesn't compromise OPSEC and PERSEC, it'll be passed on to QUALIFIED people who can give you tips , but not definitive instruction on survival.

    However, I will emphasise, as Bits has done, a list on Arrse is not the definitive advice on personal security for journalists. You can be offered "tips" but they can only be treated as such. The last thing any of us want, is a dreadful incident resulting in burning wreckage and scattered body parts, with one of the remains a disembodied hand clutching "the Arrse guide to survival in the Litter Tray"

    Don't MoD run survival courses for journalists? Perhaps Regiments could run a 3 day course, with funds going to the Regimental kitty?

  12. Why should the MoD/mil units run training for journalists ? Their employers should be arranging the required training for them, basic duty of care, surely ? There are plenty of organisations around who develop and deliver this training and preparation.
  13. Absolutely right! How on earth are private military companies going to make enormous wedges if the Army gets in on the deal??
  14. Private security companies doing physical security surveys in UK might be losing out soon. From what I've heard, the security and robustness of british industry is so important, that a police organisation/task force thingy has been set up to do surveys for industry at no cost :lol:

    however, this could be rumour mill out of control- Veg, have you heard anything about this?
  15. Bang-on Cuddles !! 8)

    I remember being told by a journo (ex-forces offr) during pre-deployment briefing (90's Balkans) something along the lines of:

    'When the shite starts flying around, grab the journos and get them in the back of your armoured vehicle and get them out of there'

    My instant response was something along the lines of:

    Our job starts when the shite starts flying around, do you seriously expect me to hang about and risk the welfare of my blokes and the outcome of the task to make sure you lot are OK when you have put yourself in a dangerous position to further your own career by getting that front-page shot ?

    He didn't like it one bit. What really gripped me though, was when he actually ordered us in the briefing to do this, when he should have been asking us a favour. At the time, we'd have been happy to go along with this request, but being told to by a civvy was too much for me.

    Obviously this was before the current situation of 'embeds', private security and all that good stuff, the industry is much more diverse now. Back then it was more of a case of 'he's a Brit journo, he's friendly forces, ponce a cabby on his sat-comms to call home and we'll return the favour with a brew and some protection if it gets noisy' Piers Morgan et al can tell you why this relationship has now changed.