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ARRSE in Metro

Bliar is a lying cowardly patronising piece of sh!t with no moral courage whatsoever. He probably gets some sort of waltish kick from starting wars. I am glad that Metro shared the views of ARRSErs with millions of commuters! :plotting:
BBear said:
Mine too.

And mine as well. I think you could say the same of everyone who has taken an oath of allegiance to Liz.

The Queen.....Gawd Bless Her!


Praetorian – now you are raising another, although related, critical topic in relation to Tony & Cherie Blair and indeed Parliament as a whole.

Members of the Armed Forces swear an oath of allegiance to the Sovereign and implicit within it is a commitment to protect, defend and uphold the Sovereign.

“ I ………. Swear allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, and her Officers Colonials and Generals set over me”

I fail to see where it can be construed that an all embracing blind allegiance has been sworn to the political echelon other than in the context that they are implementing the will of the Sovereign.

I don’t recall swearing an oath of allegiance to this oaf!

It goes even further surely in the context of the Royal Prerogative that the Chiefs of Staff can and should utilise where a conflict arises between political will and the military covenant.

For example, we should be able to expect the Chiefs of Staff to weigh the political will to enter into an armed conflict or a war against the international legal standards of Bellum iustum meaning "just war", or the justification for going to war, especially as Blair jumped at the chance of signing this country up to the international courts of justice where troops could be subject to and international warrant and arrest over some alleged operational excess.

Surely the Royal Prerogative is also instrumental in preventing the utilisation of the Armed Forces for purely political expediency and excesses, for example, if this prerogative were nullified what is to prevent the political echelon from dismantling the monachy and assuming dictatorial rule?

Bliar would do exceedingly well to remember the following. "Ex injuria jus non oritur": no legal title can be derived from an illegal act and the case remains open as to the legality of military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush is Teflon coated on this issue precisely because he refused to sign up the USA to the international conventions making his military personnel subject to the international court but the same cannot be said for Blair, the Chiefs of Staff or our fiercely loyal servicemen and women who are obliged to obey supposed lawful orders from above.

If push comes to shove which way would the Armed Forces go? Em, I still say that Blair is not out of the woods and we might just yet witness a case in the Old Bailey of The Queen verses Tony Blair – how far does Blair think he can stretch the military covenant before it shatters, he would do well to remember the benchmark set for the new model army by Cromwell who used it to dismiss the political echelon because of its excess and abuses!

Her Majesty The Queen …. God Bless her and long may she reign over us!
Bliar is Head of Government, and I believe there is some immunity offered. Not, though for some people/crimes - see recent hangings.

Disappointing that the Reuters bit thinks Bliar is unpopular here for the war in Iraq per se, rather than fro having the cheek to tell the services that they might face danger. Oh, and a thousand other reasons.


Book Reviewer
Arandale said:
Re Metro Reporting.

would dearly love to make good use of that rifle, that’s still barely above useless, even after millions of pounds of ‘modifications’ spent with a German arms company

great rant Arandale and I agree with x tenths of what you say....but PLEASE stop reinforcing the ignorant media view of Rifle 5.56 L85A2 - unlessyou have personally carried it on Ops and its l;et you down ?

Ask the people who trusted their lives to it in Al Amarah,Musa Qala and Now Zad whether it does the job ?

The bad rep is a hangover from the gash state of the A1....and Heckler & Koch were part of British Aerospit when the 'Get well' ctt was let, although they have now reverted.

A lot of serving personnel at ITDU and on the Trials teams worked very hard to get the improvements put in place. Frankly, I don't give a crap for whether any other Forces buy it or not. For our Army, for our purposes - it works.

Le Chevre
I particularly like this bit:
The Defence Ministry had no immediate comment.
What do you suppose they were doing?
Scrabbling for the keys to Jacko's now-dusty drinks cabinet?
Rolling around the floor in hysterics?

...or logging off arrse as quickly as possible?

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