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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Praetorian, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. Just seen it chaps, RFUK and others are quoted in metro today, regarding Bliars latest speech.

    Well done to all!

    I think its page 29......
  2. Good stuff RFUK et al.
  3. Good stuff... it's just one thing after another for this idiot. The sooner he is out, the better...
  4. Wow, so journos from Reuters also read ARRSE... we're going up in the world!
  5. Don't hold your breath that life will be any better when he has gone. I have it on very good authority all politicians do what they can get away with rather than what is right!

    Maybe we should surgically plant the Military Covenant folder and all somewhere Mr Blair would understand it - up his arrse. Or at least he should sit down and give his mouth a chance!

  6. I read the Metro article on the way in this morning, and its basically the same as the Scotsman's one, but the later is put across better. I was rather chuffed to see the journo's accurately reporting what was being said :thumright: , rather than just grabbing random quotes from the NAAFI and making up some complete balls - like that dozy burd from the Guardian. :shakefist:
  7. Once again well done RFUK.

    And also well done to all at ARRSE for creating a site where the soldier's voice can be expressed.
    And of course thanks also to Tim Berners Lee without whom etc....
  8. Just shows, you never know who is reading this site.

    All we need now is

    better equipment, better support, better housing, better manning oh and while we are at it, better wages.

  9. Re Metro Reporting.

    So the Metro now joins a long line of other media sources to quote Arrse contributors comments, well done The Metro.

    Pity they too followed presumably followed the same practice of quoting members without first having the common courtesy to contact the moderator and seek permission.

    Undoubtedly the Metro were short of material and decided to sensationalise the article with quotes from this forum, but I wonder if the Metro realises the REAL discontent felt by service personnel evidenced in their speaking out either anonymously directly or through their relatives?

    How f***** condescending and patronising of Blair to make his speech in such a setting!

    Standing on the decks of HMS Albion surrounded by senior officers he has the sheer nerve to make such a speech oblivious of the complete irony of the situation let alone his words.

    Had Blair and Co had their way, there would never have been a expensive vessel like Albion built in the first place to act as a self serving platform for his policy speech.

    One wonders what, if any, thoughts were running through the minds of the assembled senior officers as the listened, smiling benignly Blair’s comments?

    Blair appears to be oblivious of the fact that when he visits the Armed Forces that personnel are there because they’ve been ordered to be their and their polite conversation with him is expedient to forestalling wrath and retribution afterwards.

    But Mr Blair, what do you think runs through the minds of the assembled troops on such occasions?

    The scant regard by you and your cabinet colleagues to the almost daily news that ‘last night another soldier’ was killed on operations in Afghanistan or Iraq, those wounded are repatriated at night to an NHS hospital where senior officers fail to visit them to determine their welfare?

    The fact that personnel suffering psychologically from conflict are virtually discarded and pointed in the direction of Combat Stress, a charity, when you and your government have presided over the closure of Military Psychiatric facilities at the very time you have committed them into theatres that are witnessing the highest levels of contact with hostile elements since WW2 maybe?

    That the abysmal medical facilities available to personnel runs contrary to recent evidence of need, for example, the patent fact that more Falklands veterans have died or committed suicide since the conflict than actually were killed in action in 1982?

    What’s changed between Gulf War one and Gulf War two?

    With the onset of action in 1991 the psychological services at RAF Wroughton were hastily harnessed and two wings of the Woolich Military Hospital were prepared to treat psychological and PTSD casualties, but these facilities no longer exist why?

    A certain Falkland’s veteran trained as a PTSD counsellor back in 1991 and was amazed to be contacted by former and serving Special Forces personnel in desperate need of counselling services – he was amazed Mr Blair are you?

    In response to the media exposure that military personnel are living in squalor, you have the affront to suggest that ‘the problem’ is not as widespread or serious as has been highlighted and suggest that steps will be taken to ‘rectify’ these minor problems – open your eyes man and understand that some of this accommodation would and should be condemned as unfit for human habitation and pulled down completely if visited by local Environmental Health officials.

    Most of the general public is under the misconception that service personnel get free food and free accommodation, but the truth is that personnel are paying rent for the squalor accommodation available to them and their families.

    Would you be surprised Mr Blair to hear that many of these well disciplined people forced to stand there and listen to you drivel on about subjects you clearly know nothing about would dearly love to make good use of that rifle, that’s still barely above useless, even after millions of pounds of ‘modifications’ spent with a German arms company or to shove that bayonet in the most painful of places?

    When considering the military covenant between the state and the Armed Forces Mr Blair, the servicemen and women need no reminder from you that as a Volunteer in the Armed Forces that deployment on operations is accompanied by a high risk of injury and death that comes with the territory!

    The servicemen and women are honourably upholding their side of the contract implicit in the military covenant can you seriously say the same?

    It’s perhaps fortuitous that your remaining time in office as Prime Minister is limited otherwise you would be running the risk of being the first Prime Minister in British History to be found strung up by a rope from a convenient lamp post.

    There is still time yet for you to receive an indictment and become the first British Prime Minister to stand trial before a criminal or international court of justice and made to answer for your actions and omissions – remember that Pinochet was a head of state yet his immunity was waved – does the same fate await you Mr Bliar?
  10. The article appears to be a Reuters syndication , and more links are appearing as the article is picked up.

    Well done RFUK , check your PM's :)
  11. Well done RFUK, and all cited!

    I was even impressed with the article - it took the (unprecedented, as of late) step of illustrating both sides of an issue. Although my biggest christmas wish would be to see Bliar go the same way as Milosevic, I don't dispute that Saddam was a nasty man and it needed to be done - I take issue with the way that jug-eared grinning tw@t lied time and time again, to the people and to the Forces, and has the obscenity to criticise US for 'whining,' despite the swathes his skirt-wearing accountant neighbour has cut through not just our capability, but welfare provisions.

    So now we have Journos not only quoting from Current Affairs, but acknowledging the author to boot. All it would take now is the next article to carry the line

    "A donation was made by this Newspaper to the charity Combat Stress/RBL, in return for the use of ARRSE as a resource"

    For the journos - speak to your editor - the paper would reap rewards in terms of taking that unprecedented step, improve its image and reinforce its point. Added to that, it's only right. Opinions are free, yes. Papers aren't. You're making money for nothing, when it really wouldn't cost much to show your support and donate to one of these (sadly thoroughly neccessary) charities. They pick up the mess that Bliar makes, and they need support.

    Edited to add - didn't mean to plagiarise Fugly, just thought the message could do with being hammered home!
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Exactly what I was banging on about when we did the whole Kira Cochrane thing.

    Well done RFUK, we seem to be getting somewhere.
  13. The most excellent post and I can only wish I had written it. Sadly, one minor error.

    Bliar thinks he is head of state, he acts as though he were, but thankfully we have one small thread of decency, honesty, integrity and intelligence left to us - namely HM The Queen. HM is the Head of State. Sorry Cherry but there you go (soon I hope) and you and your ilk will be head of state in GB over my dead body.