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ARRSE in Daily Star - how to speak squaddie...

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Daily Star

September 27, 2006 Wednesday

Fancy going dow nthe Colonel? Yes, Rupert , I could do with a Julie Andrews


SOLDIERS are shooting from the lip with their own slang - and now they've translated the lingo on their own website.

The Army Rumour Service (www. arrse. co. uk) is run by a group of serving soldiers, and its dictionary of military slang is proving a hit with squaddies and civilians alike.

To help you join in the fighting talk, JAMES MOORE presents some choice phrases . . .

Banjo: To kill someone

Egg banjo: An egg sandwich

Gucci: A new piece of kit

Battle bowler: Standard issue combat helmet

Fish and chips: Operations in built-up areas

Jobbed: To get killed

Beer coat: The warm feeling you get when walking home after drinks in the Mess

Box of frogs: A f ***-up

Slop jockey: An Army chef

Full screw: Someone holding the rank of corporal

Cake and a*se party: A mission that has gone badly wrong

Canned veg: Tank crews

Military confetti: Shrapnel

Chin strapped: Knackered

Skip licker: A thick soldier

Dump fuel: To go to the loo

Red pigs: Hot weather

Biff: Someone who does something stupid

Rat pack or horror bag: Army rations

Gipping: Disgusting

Bone: Something rubbish or pointless

Aquafresh: An incompetent sergeant

Barrack room lawyer: The name for the sort of know-all who always quotes from the rulebook

Colonel: The clubs and bars of the NAAFI - "Are you going down the Colonel Gaddafi?"

Benny: A person who lives on the Falkland Islands, coined because of their supposed similarity to the character Benny from Crossroads (this term has been officially banned! )

Grunt: Infantryman

Bootie: A member of the Royal Marines

Cluster f ***: Very badly organised

KitKat a*se: What happens to your backside when you've been left to sit in a truck for far too long

Breathing through your a*se: Feeling physically exhausted

Butt stroke: Hitting someone with the butt end of your rifle

Church key: Bottle opener

Fat Albert: Slang for a Hercules plane

Flogging on: Looking up dirty websites

Head shed: The boss

Julie Andrews: A milky cuppa

Gonk bag: Sleeping bag

Lumpy jumper: A female soldier

Pad: A married soldier

Rupert: An officer

Rusty sheriff's badge: Your backside

Tart fuel : Alcopops

Air biscuit: A fart

Bangstick: A rifle

Furry crocodiles: Dogs

Bumped: Attacked during a night exercise

Bang out: To leave quickly

Bomb doctor: An ammunition technician

Nappa: Your head

Stim: A boring squaddie

Stag on: Guard duty

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