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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Currently I am a man of leisure, thanks to the Cypriot problem hitting me about a month before the rest of the world got wind of the piss poor situation out there.

    Luckily I don't have to sign on and spend your hard earned tax for my living or accommodation and unlike Mick Philpot, I won't be burning my kids, however shagging rough women may be on the cards.

    I will live on £ 53.00per week for a month and see if it can be done any surplus I will give to the hols 4 heros at the end of the month.

    Anyone else up for this, I know that most of you who login during the day are wannabe underclass.
  2. You crack on mate, I'll probably be blowing 8 times that on AvN weekend ;-)
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  3. Would love to join you on this challenge, but unfortunately I trough at least 20 quids worth a day before putting fuel in my 4x4 guzzler or buying cigars and booze.

    What I will do, if you succeed, is add £20 to the pot.
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  4. No need to be so hard on yourselt.The Telegraph tells me that......

    "More than 360,000 have now signed an online petition challenging Mr Duncan Smith to prove that he can live on £53 a week.

    However, it has now been disclosed that Mr Bennett, who was back on his market stall selling household goods on Tuesday, receives £232 a month in housing benefit and £200 a month in working tax credit, triple the amount of money he quoted in the challenge to Mr Duncan Smith.

    His average weekly income, including market stall earnings, is in fact £156 a week."
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  5. fgall.jpeg

    PM Air Filter for advice. That's if he's not in court awaiting sentencing for torching his children.
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  6. Cheers Kev,

    I have parked my car up, for this challenge, hope to loose a bit of weight as well.

    I have done a bit of an inventory of what I have, like most people I have basics like spices, a few tins in the cupboard, six eggs, 2 Lts of milk, 80 tea bags and a tin & refil of coffee, half a loaf of bread, 8 small potatoes

    So this morning I had porridge for breakfast and mug of tea, I have about .5 of a kg of jock food left.

  7. Which just makes IDS look an even bigger cunt.
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  8. I think you should go one step further and dig a Fire Trench and Shelter Bay in your garden and live in that for a month. You are allowed to use your ablutions though.
  9. @ Biccies - How so?
  10. Fuck me, what was the cunt complaining about, at least IDS is paying into the system and not taking out!
  11. As long as I can have a piss soaked overcoat to keep me warm
  12. I'll send you one of mine.
  13. He's made a start!
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  14. 'Cos chummie wasn't living on £53 a week. You cannot live on £53 a week for anything other than a short, token period of time. It's simply not enough money. End of.

    So IDS was a cunt for saying he could do it, nobody can, nobody does, not even those on the dole.
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