ARRSE Hustings

ARRSE Hustings

  • Yes this is a good idea to interest the khaki vote

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  • Nah innit just tell me wot the Sun and the Star are sayin innit

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I posted this on the general election thread, but like the idea more now.

How about an ARRSE Hustings?

Get the defence spokesmen from the parties, get them on ARRSE for an hour or so, to answer questions. Heavily moderated of course!

Questions could be prepared by ARRSers and voted on to get a shortlist of 'serious' questions and

- what are the major procurement decisions that will have to be taken by your government if you win the election? (serious)

- if you were a sailor taken prisoner by Iranians, what would you have on your IPod (not so serious)

There need to be some standards ie. no questions about 'brown wings' or other matters of the bedroom...

Do any of the 'site adults' (who will have to do all the hard work for our amusement/enlightenment) think this is an interesting idea?
It's the ideas club, whether this is 'good ideas' is another matter.....

As to the candidates and their likelihood of embracing the chance to reach an internet audience of tens of thousands of those most likely to vote through a longstanding discussion website, ursine arboreal defecatory habits and the Catholic tradition of the Papacy spring to mind....

Like Mumsnet without the babies and the bunny-boilers!

(edited because my brain is mush tonight!)

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