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Arrse home page redirects to grot site.

My phones from about 2005 so i dont know if you can get Mcaffee or Norton etc for your phone ? Im sure i spied it when sorting out my subscription . Sorts out my laptop when ' my mate ' has been on it .


I got AVG for my phone after the pop ups and it couldn't detect any threat.

admin vortex

I'm on iPhone 5s and not getting any random porn ( only the normal deviant shit I look at) but not from Arrse. Don't mean to worry you ravers but I think it's the Russians. They've finally caught up with you. Don't drink any tea with anyone of a Slavic bent.
I'm not denying the fact that I spend a lot of time looking at grot on my phone, but only on trusted sites. I'm a creature of habit and I rarely deviate from my usual two or three purveyors of free internet grumble.

This is a new thing, only happens on Arrse, only on the 'Whats New' page.

so, these free & trustworthy websites are called...?


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I was getting the same crap as Ravers, but only on my phone, I updated the AVG on my phone and it's stopped.


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Once I've started down the route of terrible puns anything's fair game.

"Find the Lady"? "Carousells"? etc...

Don't worry my taxi is on it's way...
Still happening on Twitter (IOS 8). Suppose I'll have to delete and reinstall, which seemed to corrected Tapatalk. Directed to same app as Ravers.


Been happening for two days on Android, no click required just randomly and persistently redirects on several threads. IT chappie here found no malware- did think aggressive ads though. Best log out til fixed. Laters.