Arrse (hole/warmer) of the year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shotgun, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. OK you bunch of miserable cnuts, who do you hate and who do you love on Arrse?

    Anyone make you livid by being a twaat?

    Anyone make you smile with their wit?

    Anyone make you think with their incisive commentary?

    Vot for;

    1) Arrse-hole of the year 2003

    2) Arrse chuckler of the year 2003

    3) Arrse brain of the year 2003

    (and yes, before you ask, I am a shyte stirrer :D )
  2. Can we have arrse slapper of the year too ?

    ok my votes are.............

    Arrse-hole of the year 2003 deffo goes to BB even thou she dont seem to be around to accept it. if she wins

    Arrse chuckler of the year 2003 has to go between ORG and MDN

    Arrse brain of the year 2003 ermm thats a hard one! and it deffo aint me
    ermmm nope still cant think. pass!! :oops:

    :wink: :p
  3. Fcuk MDN, he's just a fat, grey haired, balding, (did I mention hideously fat?), northern transvestite bastard with a dull goatee beard who can only ever pull one over me by stooping to childish and purile insults.
  4. OOeerrrrr i can see a Bitch fight brewing :p

    Please can you be wearing tight lycra shorts and no tops :wink:
  5. I'd vote for org against mdn. Much in the same grounds as org has mentioned. Plus the fact that he just copies things I say to him on Msn, he's not even original!

    And he is very fat!
  6. Fat is good for you, all you skinny people just go wrinkly and your skin stretches when your fatties just slim down and live to be happy old codgers....
    see i'm living proof!! :D
  7. Don't give ORG your vote.

    He spent an afternoon detained at her majesties pleasure today.

    Reason, stolen task disk, in a Lada.....100% truth he drives a lada.

    ORG summary

    Tubby, brummie, ginger, fire victim, no eyebrowed, stumpy,lada driving, non swimming, kiddie fiddling, Flash felching, amputee fangling twat!


    ORG and Flash out with thier pals on saturday, he is the small one looking for his cock.

    Other topics, BB was a c**t but NIMN deserves a mention for being a complete buttock!
  8. OMG!!! ORG is a Dummy brummie???? :lol:
  9. Give the tubby lad credit at least he dsoesn't look like Flash
    pictured at the last sqn barbecure
  10. ORGs bestest jeans
  11. Lol, sad but true.

    But, to clarify, ORG owns a Lada Niva 4 wheel drive (not french) jobby which is used for the sole purpose of dragging plant onto and off of that nasty grassy stuff that poor people insist on putting around their high rise blocks.

    I was indeed detained today for 2 hours for having the wrong tax disk on the motor when I was pulled. The tax disk was the one out of my Jaguar XJR (not french). Wasn't charged as I could prove they both belong to me and it broke up an otherwise dull afternoon.

    MDN on the other hand, drives a puffy little Renault (definitley french), lives in a high rise block, has an onion shaped birthmark on his left cheek, runs a garlic import company and is usually seen mincing around Blackpool (bad Paris copy) on a 1950's pushbike wearing a stripey Tshirt, a badly shaped black beret and urinating up lamp posts

  12. I am to Brummies what MDN is to wheel stealing scousers
  13. Enough said :D :D

    You drive a recycled T-34

    You are ginger

    You are a Brummie

    You are a tubster

    The prosecution rests m'lord
  14. Not like me to betray a confidence but got this via PM just now :D
  15. Yep, amongst others


    Nope, not unless you admit to being a scouser

    Yep, and you are weightwatcher of the year :D , sending people pictures of yourself 15 years ago doesn't count you know. Just remind the good ladies and gents how many stones heavier than me you are. :D

    Case dismissed, MDN sentenced to 15 push ups (may take him 18 months to complete them) for contempt of Arrse.