Arrse Has Lost its Teeth

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Am I alone in finding that ARRSE has just become part of the establishmet.

    It appears that the moderators are stopping ANY discussion on certain current events. I do not understand this. Far to much is being censored and they wonder why people are not posting. Please reply quickly as my last comment on this subject has been removed. I think that proves my point
  2. I agree.
  3. Who wonders? Plenty of people are posting.
  4. All it proves is that you haven't read PTPs explanation of why threads relating to some current events are being pulled.
  5. Most peoples posts are not about current affairs though.
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Moderation is dependant on the poster's subject or comments. OPSEC or PERSEC issues are immediately removed along with comments which are not acceptable in normal society. So if you posted anything along those lines of course it is going to be removed.
  7. There are far too many 'no military connection' personnel on the site.

    No wonder threads are pulled as the civilian element can't handle what happens in the real world and ultimately complain to the MODS about the harshness of some comments.

    Easy solution, fcuk off back to your organic wine and tofu.
  8. Yes they are, just not about one particular current event that even my mother (not the most geopolitically aware person on the planet) understands is somewhat sensitive. ARRSE, rightly or wrongly, is perceived as the official unofficial voice of the Army and if you can't grasp why it's better for us not to discuss the situation then you're lacking grey matter...
  9. Read or understood - i posed the same question and (probably because i am dense) i do not understand the issue. i cannot see that OPSEC or PERSEC have been compromised. I would appreciate someone helping me understand - although i will PM PTP later today

    Im not being offensive - just slow on the uptake
  10. Got to agree with the MODs here guys. Fact is that those serving do understand what is and isn't "touchy" and tend to either ignore it or comment around the topic. There are far too many Walts chipping in with crap who really add very little (although equally they are often amusing). We do need to retain our cutting edge and so perhaps what we need to do is simply ensure that whatever is added or opened up is something that can be both informative, be openly discussed, or at least amusing.
    I'll get me coat!
  11. Even I can understand the embargo on the Iraq thread, same as on-going Courts Martials etc. If you want to debate it use another site, simple as.
  12. The main problem with something being good is that it soon becomes popular, and when it becomes popular it attracts attention.

    ARRSE started as a fairly underground unofficial site, its now in the public eye more often than any official site, as such the site becomes more the establishment by default, unless of course we all want to paint the worst possible picture of ourselves as a profession and get no support from the UK population.

    The only way to be Army, with our associated sense of humour is to be underground, which by defintion and nature is a time limited thing.
  13. Well, ARRSE has me less intriguided then it did a year ago.
    I find more and more it's turning into a slagging fest and people don't define their humor any longer - it's all in one pot.

    The fact that some threads get pulled is a fact of life on any website - after all liability claims are second only to personal accident claims - start the thread again if you feel the urge to communicate something - it might 'slip' through.

    Sadly I see a few of the longer term posters are retreating more and more.... :(
  14. Baring any revelations of information that may compromise PERSEC, such as identities or knowledge specificly gained from those with some connection with the present issue, is it really right that on this site it is hardly discussed, when it is a subject the population, not to mention members of the Armed Forces is so concerned about? Because it is a sensitive and emotive issue, it should be discussed openly in the culture we strive to protect.

    Those who post and contravine policy on their own heads be it, but for others wishing to discuss pure conjecture or express opinions of displeasure at the actions HM's Government or other parties involved to be so censured I find disappointing of ARRSE.

    I don't mean to be contravertial, or even glib if I asked whether those in charge could please direct me to a similar civilian forum where it may be discussed at leisure?

    If we are to fear journalists getting the wrong end of the stick or conjuring stories from posts on this site, it might as well be binned here and now.

    (Although please don't, I like it here... :) )
  15. It seems very straightforward to me:

    - This is a publicly accessible website
    - It has often been used in the past by journalists and others surfing for quotes
    - There is no way of checking the bona fides or motivation of any of the posters to the various open Arrse forums
    - In order to minimise the risk of misquoting and consequent disadvantage to real people on the outside, it's best not to provide any quote fodder at all on matters of current sensitivity or matters which are sub judice.

    PTP is on the ball, here, as always and I support and endorse his line.