arrse hardman champioships.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by superjb, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. don't know if its been done,sure some spotter will tell me.back in the fatherland,corridor fights were a common event.especially a week before pay day,just got me thinking who would be the arrse champion.looking at this i would say possible candidates are 5A,porridge"the geezer"gun,hector c sounds like a brash cunt emsav-unarmed,and of course myself.
    so what do you lot reckon? hoow are yeeh fucking looking at me like eh!cunt.
  2. I fight all the time. Infact I am in a gang.
  3. Sluggy would knock them all out with a wiff of her rancid gash.
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  4. Sir, I'd like to join your gang. I have my own 1960's sharpened bike chain and everything. We'll show those Rockers!
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  5. AK would rock up and martyr himself, killing you all and therefore winning
  6. Fixed that for you.
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  7. it was usually a north south affair,have to say it was usually a northern victory,depending on consumption.
  8. What counts as the border, Watford Gap or river Trent?
  9. scotch corner.
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  10. count me in

    edited to add : mong moment. hadn't read the title properly, thought you said handjob chamionships
  11. You offering? Jarrod will be along soon to take you up on it.
  12. What the f@ck is a champioship anyway? Some light fingered northern b'stard didn't press his N for Nonce hard enough!
  13. I'll talk it up in the Pig's Bar afterwards. Me being at the fore of the fray in said tail.
  14. i had already fixed the cunt man.try reading with yer eyes open.
  15. Dont fuck with my gang of expoding goats and my back up exploding chapatis you cunts!!!