ARRSE Hall Of Fame induction 2007

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Augustus, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Should it now be time to have an annual induction into an ARRSE Hall of Fame or whatever? That way the outstanding contributions to this online community could get the recognition they deserve. Which contributors would you nominate to be enshrined in the ARRSE firmament?

    By way of initiating a debate, here's a few of mine:

    CR Means Ceiling Reached: Barbgenius was, er, genius. Got more bites than a Gwar at a mosquito convention
    Cuddles: For the range and variety of his prodigious input to this site
    Dread: Doesn't say as much as he used to but always spot on
    The Cad: 'Fat Grenade' was the best thread in ages. Whatever did we do without him?
    Sven: Because everything he posts makes me laugh. And laugh.

    By way of balance, should there also be a Hall of Shame? Could there be a mechanism for Sven to be a founder member in both?

    So come on ARRSErs, give credit and recognition where it's due, and get nominating.
  2. What a pile of bot scoffing ballbags, save the back slapping and mutual bollock fondling for PM surely.

    There's a "Best of" forum for quality threads, contact a MOD and they will shift it there if appropriate.
  3. I agree the Cad because of the ever so slightly sick threads with a hint of fettish professionalism to boot oh and the use of barbed wire. I bow to to his elitism!!

  4. Things get dangerous when you think, you should go lay down for a bit.
  5. Did the big nasty person hurt your feelings by not nominating you Cait?
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  7. Of course, i don't want to miss out on having my arrse rimmed.
    But again as pointed out by an other "Best of Naafi" forum.
  8. Get you trigger, did you have a little naughty giggle to yourself for typing that?
  9. Sorry ma'am!

  10. Assertive and decisive.

    Gets my nomination.
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  12. Snap, so are you.
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    Bet you craved acceptance at the Brownies when you were a little girl, eh? :roll:
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I find it mildly amusing that a thread supposedly dedicated to "The best Arrsers" is now surely heading for the Arrsehole.