ARRSE Grand Christmas Draw - its FREE!

I’m in!

First time I’ve been able to say that for a while! :grin:
Thank you for the kind offer of entering your prize draw, very generous of you and did I say how kind of you.

Wishing you and yours a merry xmas.
That’s not going to cut it!
As ever the prizes on offer are Amazon Vouchers – remember to use Amazon through the Arrse/Rum Ration websites so that the site gets something back from Amazon. All helps.
Perhaps now would be a good time to remind us how to do that.
I had trouble with Q3.


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Well I have entered and have no idea who will win.
if you can send the vouchers over then I will keep up the story ;)
Well I have entered even though I have a good idea who will not win ... again .
That twat @MrBane isn't involved, is he?
That Mod Walt, @ugly can do one too. Back Seat drivers moderators are expressly excluded in the brand new terms and conditions*

Mind you, if he hands all of the accoutrements of his high office to me**, he will be not only instantly eligible, he will probably win all three prizes and find that beautiful women want to spend time with him.

*The COs (PBUH&H) haven't got round to asking me to write them yet but they will I'm sure and then...

** I just want to beat @Auld-Yin to the dizzy heights of power.
I'd better win this year, or I'll be even nicer to people. Do you really want that? Do you? DO YOU?

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Even Mods can enter, poor old me is the only one who can't! :confused:

Could you put this up as a featured post for the duration please?
Don't worry about the MODS entering, just make sure they don’t win!:blowkiss:

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I've got a few things to add in for the winners. One is a tub of face cream. Naturally produced. Hope @Helm wins this one.
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