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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, May 10, 2005.

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  1. After reading Micky Dees thread I thought about this ARRSE Gladiators thing and realised we could be on to a winner.

    For instance, who would pay good money for charity to see:

    Anya and Mooch bobbing for apples with MDN as the judge, of course.

    Corporal V Ctauch: Thumb wrestling (puffs)

    Cutaway V Stoatman: Shooting Mooses

    LJH V MDN and the Mods: Handbag Fighting

    RTFQ V Auld-Slapper: Top Yarner (Bring your own wool and needles)

    Obviously me, Beebs and Lippy would be the adjudicators and CC would be overall judge. Lippy will also be selling popcorn, just like in the good old days.

    Any other categories you can think of?
  2. In a bucket of acid, or a deep fat frier?

    Naked in mud?

    As selected from the truth behind the users name section of the gallery?

    In Laura Ashley frocks?

    Baby bonnets for the neo natal unit always welcomed.

    Beebs x
  3. Don't do handbags Dale, but got a nice little line in offensive jewellery ;)
  4. Fish-Head and Bernoulli V Toner Monkey and Greengrass: Tag Team Nekked Sumo Wrestling.
  5. Dont forget the following compos:

    Laying a yard of brown cable

    Mutt wheelbarrow races. Ram yer John Thomas inside their hoops and make them walk on their forelegs. He who make the 100 m point with the least amount of bite marks, the fastest, wins

    Mooch target practice with a sawn off at 5 paces. Make him last until he cries for him mamma

    Osnaduck baiting

    Ginger fadge eating with Anja. The person who pukes up those ginger wee smellin fur balls last wins. That is if they survive those ham like butox on their boat race. Bonus prize of a txt mongs dictionary

    CC stalking marathon

  6. The winner doesn't get dale?
  7. Of course the winner gets Dale. The rest get to shove burning hot pokers up Mooch's arrse.

    No cheating now you boys. I know everyone wants to lose........

    I have thought of another,

    Flashy, MDN and Stella nekked butt fighting with big dildos, olive oil and some chillies. I will let Cait judge that one.