ARRSE gets the message to the grass ROOTS Kent on Sunday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Gurkhas back from Taliban hell

    More than 100 brave soldiers from the Royal Gurkha Rifles have returned to Kent from a six-month tour of Afghanistan.

    They experienced Taliban ambushes and battles more ferocious than anything the historic regiment has seen since the end of World War Two.

    Miraculously, none of the 110 men from the 1st and 2nd Battalions of The Royal Gurkha Rifles were killed.

    They returned to England last weekend and have spent the week at Sir John Moore Barracks in Shorncliffe, Folkestone.

    • Read this week's Kent on Sunday to find out more about the Gurkhas' heroism in Afghanistan.
  2. Well,.......................he is from Kent!

    I just wasted 30 mins looking for the report as well :x

  3. Try this one which I hope will link to Kent on Sunday and see the article from Major Joe Carnegie Prince of Wales's Royal Regiment. I think he will get an interview without coffee and biscuits!
    I can't seem to copy it and past it on the site or I would. It is worth reading.
    Best wishes Skynet
  5. Hi midnight
    Very witty and could be a little upsetting for some. Three articles are in the same edition of the same paper.
  6. Maybe the topic header needs some re-working?
  7. With your greater computer skills you may wish to go to Kent on Sunday and see if you can copy and paste these articles for the site?
  8. For those who are struggling, I've made PDF versions of the pages in question.

    You may need serious magnification to read them.

    Only chanced on this thread 'cos I'm nosy. There is an established "War In Iraq " thread - nice simple name, quite a few readers. Could've been posted there.

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  9. Hi Stonker
    Thanks for trying but they just come up blank! Any ideas? The one by Major Carnegie is very controversial in view of what Des Brown said today.
  10. They work for me (using Firefox. Can't answer for M/Soft shiite)

    They may seem to come up blank in yr browser, but they need to be opened in Adobe: try a 'right-click' and 'save link as'. Then they'll download, to be opened separately.

    I'm not sure why Carnegie (is he a Reg C officer BTW?) should be controversial; unless he's contradicting Des saying "We're in Iraq till Easter, and after that we're runnning like feck away". Not how I read him, anyway.

    I've been monitoring Des and co. for over a month:

    Edited to add:

    Even Des has had the wit to build 'flexibility according to circumstances' into his speech. But make no mistake, this is UK plc in 'Get tae feck outta Dodge' mode.

    The challenge for the B'liar spin monsters is 2-fold. 1 is to to present the 'handover' as a success, 2 is to get out before the Spams do - when it will all go bigtime Pete Tong. 8)
  11. Hi Stonker
    Thank you very much for that I'll have a go later when I have time.
  12. Stonker, did you see Swiss v Paxman on Newsnight last night?

    A virtuoso performance in squirm , so it was. :)
  13. No- izzit a view again online job?